Hair Colours To Dye For


1014-05Up till today, I still believe in that the fastest way to reinvent ourselves is with a hair make over. No matter if it’s a cut; a colouring or a perm, it makes us feel brand new when we step out the salon.

While the ombré hair (aka dip-dye) trend isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, I haven’t ‘dipped’ into this trend yet myself. Since now the sombré; which is a subtle ombré; has become widely popular, I’m considering joining the trend.
As a Taiwan born Chinese, I grew up seeing one hair colour only – black. Colouring our hair was strictly forbidden during our school days back then. This new freedom was handed to me after I migrated to Australia.
Although it still took me a good seven years to change my hair colour for the first time, since then I had stayed loyal to burgundy for several years.

Nowadays, I’m…

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2 thoughts on “Hair Colours To Dye For”

  1. I have been such a punk with changing the color of my hair. I want to do it but remain stuck by my comfort zone! I need to get over it! Will be talking with my hair dresser next week! Time for a change in 2016! LOL! Chanel


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