Plans Gone Awry-Arthur River Tasmania

Planning to the Nth

The Edge of the World. That’s what the sign said and, standing on the hill looking out to sea, that’s how it felt. Untamed and untameable: Arthur River, North-West Tasmania. If you sailed from where the river enters the sea and kept going, you would hit South America without touching land. This accounted for the vicious wind ripping through me and I was grateful for the knitted beanie a caring friend gave me on my announcement that I was exploring Tassie in the depths of winter.

Arthur River -Image by Alex Wise Arthur River -Image by Alex Wise

I stopped by the take-away shop, the only one in Arthur River, on the way back to setting myself up comfortably in my cabin. Closed, said the sign. Luckily, I’d been told to bring food, so I cooked up my two-minute noodles and set myself up next to the heater to relax and read. It was…

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