Communing with the Brontes – Haworth England

Planning to the Nth

My accommodation sat at the bottom of a steep hill, leading up to the historic village of Haworth, where Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte, grew up in their father’s parsonage. It was here they wrote their poetry, short stories and novels. At the top of the hill, I crossed the main road, passed under an arched stone-covered alleyway and entered a tiny town square and another era.

I’d had the idea, maybe because the Brontes’ stories are often set on the moors, that their father’s church, St. Michael’s and All Angels, was out of town a bit, but here it was, directly in front of me. Abutting the steps attached to the church wall was a pub, the Black Bull Inn, very handy if you feel the need for a quick one after services – or even before. It was one of the quaintest buildings I’d ever seen. Square, with latticed…

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