The strange book

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“Hold on! I am coming Roy” shouted Elisabeth. With her slender petite frame she took long strides in her denim jeans.  Just as she was adjusting her hazelnut hair tied in ponytail, something caught her eye which made her stop in her tracks. It’s a moss filled rock but something else was on the surface, its edge sticking out. The edge had rusty gold detailing, but she couldn’t see much from her angle. “Well, time to get that thing out “she muttered as she parted the moss scrunching her freckled nose.

“Oh! It’s a book. How lovely” Elisabeth squealed in delight.  Elisabeth is a massive book worm. Since young she gets inspired to go around and explore the Rouge Zone thinking that she could be the next Indiana Jones. Her sidekick and childhood friend Roy tags along just because he “believes” he is saner than her, which obviously Elisabeth doesn’t agree to. Roy…

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