By the Mighty Mumford


(Imagineering in N scale)

I’m thinking about…scrap yard…

Building one won’t be hard,

Photo from one in town

The highway shut down,

Could become like a business card.

I have more than enough empty shells

Of locos, boxcars in ells…

Fine railroad scrap

My yard could tap,

Making short work of assorted scrap.

Need a platform to load boxcars,

Gondolas and a crane to scrap cars…

An acetylene torch

Simulated scorch,

The real one had a spur track “thar”.

Combined with “N.I.M.B.Y. ENVIRONMENTAL:,

The rail traffic growth is incremental…

Scrapping railway

Wagons each day,

Recycling is more than incidental!

–Jonathan Caswell

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