Nisei in Alaska

Pacific Paratrooper


Condensed from Yankee Samurai, by Joseph D. Harrington

With Attu secured, Kiska was next in the Aleutians.  An exercise in total futility ensued.  More than 29,000 US troops and 5,000 Canadian ones were assembled, plus some Eskimos and Alaska Scouts.  Nobuo Furuiye served with the Canadians.

The invasion of Kiska was preceded by a fiasco called “The Battle of the Pips”.  A Fire Controlman who served on the battleship Mississippi during the shoot-up said, “We fired a million bucks worth of ammunition into a rainstorm!”

For the Canadians, the taking of Kiska was a biter blow.  Don Oka was with the Alaska Scouts.  He stood offshore in a ship, listening to the tremendous firing ashore.  Tad Ogawa, Ted Ishida and Shigeo Ito also participated.  All were certain, from the noise, that a battle as bloody as Attu was taking place.


None was, the Japanese had left.  But, they did…

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Do you like fireworks?

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

I think they make beautiful colors in the sky, but I don’t like the sound and I don’t like the money waste.

Dogs and cats don’t like it and I can imagine what the sound does to people who escaped from war zones. People also get hurt by lighten the fireworks.

What can we use our money for instead?

The final drawing this year (I think) will be this one:

Happy new year and if you want to tell us what you think about new years eve or fire works or anything else, feel free to speak up in the comments 🙂

“See” you all next year, I hope.


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