Is Dermaroller Really a Miracle Maker? (Part 1)

The Beauty Truth

For the past months I have been looking into the Dermaroller treatment. I have some scars and red spots on my cheeks that I would like to get rid of once and for all. I have researched for a long time on the best and least damaging treatments, and I came across the Dermaroller treatment.

My stupid scars

The scars and red spots on my cheeks has been annoying me since I got them (from a sudden, bad acne outbreak when I was around 20). Even though the scars I have are not that big and noticeable with makeup on, they’re still there. And I’m very conscious about them. Fx. I mostly have my hair down (and not so much in pony tail or bun) to cover the scars and red dots on my cheeks. I would just love if I could make them go away without any treatments that might cause scars…

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Bejewelled Hair Accessories Are A Party Must Have

Glam Meets Girl

The festive season is here, which means it’s time to step up your hairstyling routine. Dress up locks with these runwayinspired looks and must-have accessories to shine at any holiday party this year.

Accessories are a big thing for any outfit. It makes or breaks a look. While jewellery and gloves, bags and purses and everything in between might be quite necessary, few ever stop to think about hair accessories. Yes you styled it, yes you have spent a whole lot of time on it, but you have left it bereft of adornments, in the nude as you head out into the public sphere.

Shiny hair jewels are always a must have in every girls hair collection. These accessories will spice up your hairstyle by adding a new and exciting twist. Not to mention that the Kardashian/Jenner klan are already huge fans of the regal statement headband. It will magically…

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Mytwosentences 125



As twisty gray branches stretch to touch the dense cloud deck thickening above a rust of needles and pine cones, the cold breath of winter’s envious voice freezes on contact with the lifeless nape of a woodland neck.
After a valediction from the lifting morning fog, a drab landscape transforms into eudemonic lushness which flourishes within the untethered imagination of those willing to pause, calmly breathe and believe.
(Photo: Edward Roads)

Written by Edward Roads

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Allah is more merciful to His servants than a mother is to her child…&…Allah’ın kullarına merhameti,bir annenin çocuğuna merhametinden çok daha fazladır…&…Holy Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu ‘Alaihi waSallam) ♥




Sometimes we lose hope in turning to Allah and asking for His help because we feel like we have done too much wrong. And yet think of a child who has just angered his mother and immediately after trips and falls on the stairs. Even if that child had just angered his mother to tears, the moment he falls and cries for help, she runs to him. This is human mercy. And Allah is infinitely more merciful than a mother is to her child. So, do you think–no matter what you’ve done–when you’re falling and cry out to the *most* merciful…He wouldn’t come save you?

Bazen umutsuzluğa kapılırız Allah’a dönme ve O’ndan yardım isteme konusunda. Çünkü çok fazla yanlış yaptığımızı hissederiz. Annesini sinirlendirmiş bir çocuğu ve o çocuğun sendeleyerek merdivenlerden düştüğünü düşün. Bu çocuk annesini çok sinirlendirmiş olsa bile, düştüğünde ve ağladığında annesi ona koşar. Bu insan merhametidir. Ve Allah…

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Book Nook Lookbook

Cafe Book Bean

I love cozy little book nooks I think they are the bees knees! Having a place set apart where you can curl up with your book just enhances each experience. They vary in sizes and styles, but they are a book lovers little piece of heaven.

Here is my book nook lookbook:
I love this little lofted book nook. It is full of cozy charm. It has a place to lounge, a rolling ladder, and an inviting color scheme.
This book nook is great it’s on the modern side but still oh so cozy. I love the couch with double chaises. This design is sleek while keeping it warm and comfortable, and I love that!
I am beside myself over this idea! It is a closet turned in to a book nook… Yes please! So awesome!
images (1)
This is a little rustic book nook. I love the ambiance of this nook and imagine…

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What We Wore Wednesday

2 Classy Sisters

Happy Christmas Eve Eve!

Rachel’s Look


| Dry Goods Dress | Express Tights | Dillards Boots | Marley Lilly Monogram Necklace | Chanel Earrings |

Normally when I would wear this dress I would pair it with heels or booties, but today it was icy out so I decided boots were the best choice. I wore this outfit today since I  went into work, but this look would also be great for a holiday party! I love this sweater dress because it’s not too thick and I think it’s more flattering than some other sweater dresses. I also just love how comfortable sweater dresses are!

 Michelle’s Look


| The Rage sweater | American Eagle Jeggings | Dillards boots | Etsy monogram necklace |

Today is my first day of Christmas break!  Since I knew I was just going to be doing some stuff around the house and running a few errands…

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Small towns do it better


Title: nervously undress

I think I will start from the start so that you understand how I got here. I heard that Jessie was back in town, home for the university holidays. We never really hung out but I knew him through friends. Anyway, I was on a dating sight the other day and noticed him. I quickly added him and started up a conversation. Like anything, “let’s fuck”. Isn’t the best way to start these things wo we began talking about the weather. His art and what he and I plan to do over the summer. Me I have never left this town, I have had a few jobs but never really found my place in this big bad world yet.

Jessie was funny, and very intelegent. But neat and professional were not his skills. I put in my opinions on how to make his artwork more presentable and…

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