Westward Leaning – Olivia Palermo

Glam Meets Girl

Sunglass aficionados, your latest hunt may be over. Olivia Palermo has collaborated with Westward Learning for a second time on an exclusive line, dubbed The Rose Gold Collection. The offering, which features styles ranging from $225 to $275.

The capsule collection, includes eight exclusive sunglasses. All feature muted gold lenses but get a jolt of personality in the brand’s signature temple design which vary from teal seal glass to blackened redwood accents. The frames come in shapes and neutral colors that are inspired by Olivia’s timeless aesthetic. In fact, the shades “are effortlessly chic and flattering to just about any ensemble”.

The sunglasses brand, has quickly become every fashion fashionista’s favorite pair of shades. Those reflective lenses everyone’s been wearing for the past three years? Blame Westward Leaning.

Bold yet classic,  this collection of sunglasses, perfectly reflect Olivia unique style flawlessly. Why not see and shop them right now on…

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