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Christmas in the Tropics (Christmas History 2)

Windows into History

tropics christmasFitch Waterman Taylor was an American minister who was appointed chaplain of the US Navy.  In that role he travelled around the world, and his travel journal was published as A Voyage Around the World in 1847.  In the first volume, he related his feelings about spending Christmas on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia.  His thoughts inevitably turned to Christmas back home…

There are periods in time, that come upon us on their annual occurrence, with an irresistible power of association. And they are happy or grievous, as our experience may have been, as those periods have rolled round, on their yearly returns. To-day is Christmas. And how immediately is the inquiry raised, “Where was I last Christmas? And whom was I with?” And how much there is in the answers, as the mind runs over the objects and their associations, which are recalled in connection with that day! To…

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