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Hello my beautiful friends !

Hope the Friday excitement is kicking in 😀 An interesting challenge by one by my blogger friend Bunnyblogsite has intrigued me. Thank you for the nomination my friend. So TA-DA! My very first challenge is here!

Firstly rules:

So the challenge is you have to write a small paragraph on your favorite food defining why you like that food, when you first tasted it , any memories with it etc etc..

the rules for it are-

  1. you have to write your feeling not the recipe for making it.
  2. you have to tell the person who is nominating you what is your favorite food( so i can also give it a try  :-))
  3. you have to stick a picture of it.
  4. you have to nominate 7 persons for this challenge.

  1. Sambar Idli

It is one of the best breakfast/tiffin items for me. The steamed soft savory cake goes absolutely well with the sambar…

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AmorePacific Color Control Cushion Compact Review + Swatches

Online Beauty Finds

AmorePacific Color Control Cushion Compact

Hi everyone!

This is the first “Made in Korea” product that I have tried and I will definitely be trying out more after this! I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and technology of this product, it definitely isn’t like anything I have tried before. This review is on the shade 102 Light (PINK).

AmorePacific Color Control Cushion Compact

The box comes with the compact that includes a mirror, sponge, and a refill. The sponge/puff feels extremely soft and is always cool to the touch. I have tried applying this with a brush and with the sponge and the sponge always wins because it pushes the product into the skin without any streaks; looks airbrushed. Also, since the sponge is always cool, I feel that it slightly but noticeably minimizes my pores.

AmorePacific Color Control Cushion Compact 102 Light

The shade may look dark in the picture above, but that is the color of the cushion and not the color of the product…

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Pinspiration Friday

2 Classy Sisters

Rachel’s Picks


For my top three pins this week are all great options to wear for the holidays! 1) I love how this blanket scarf is tied! This outfit looks cute but still comfortable. 2) This red skirt is so cute and I like how it is paired with a striped shirt. The shoes are also adorable! 3) LOVE this outfit! This outfit is so preppy and is perfect for the holidays.

Michelle’s Picks


1) This sweater is perfect to wear during the holiday season! I love the color of it and how simple, yet festive it is!  2) I love scarves and I love monograms.  I’m not sure why I don’t have a monogrammed scarf like this yet! 3) This outfit is perfection, minus the shoes.  Those I don’t care for.  The rest of the outfit, however, I love!  This outfit is a great classy look!

Make sure to…

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Don’t Chirp With Your Mouth Full!

Through Open Lens

House Finch

F/ 10.0, 1/400, ISO 320.

House Finch

Day 347 / 365

Three birds were walking down the street. Two walked into a bar, the other one ducked!

Interesting Fact: The red of a male House Finch comes from pigments contained in its food during molt (birds can’t make bright red or yellow colors directly). So the more pigment in the food, the redder the male. This is why people sometimes see orange or yellowish male House Finches. Females prefer to mate with the reddest male they can find, perhaps raising the chances they get a capable mate who can do his part in feeding the nestlings. ( )

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All I Ever Owned Has Let Me Down

DoubleU = W

several automobiles

a mortgaged house

the latest clothing

all high-tech tech

each collection


every frame

every dish

every sheet

every cup

every glass

every parcel

every thing

all I ever owned

has let me down


life must be more than things


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