Not worth you money 


Every once in a while I try a product that doesn’t work out. I’ve built up quite the collection of duds and thought I would share these products giving you a heads up to save your money!

1. Batiste Dry Shampoo the XXL Volume version – Typically I’m a big fan of batiste dry shampoo but this one is not for me. For two reasons the first being it stinks like chemicals and artificial cherry and the second it makes my hair feel gritty and nasty. I will say it does give A LOT of volume but the cons definitely out weigh the pros making this a no no for me.

2. Aveeno Positively Radiant Toner – In general this is an alright toner but it didn’t do anything amazing for my complexion, there is for sure better products out there. I think this toner is better suited for people…

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Sex:Thoughts and feelings


I have been thinking a lot about sex over the last few months and my passion for it. Here are a collection of thoughts and feelings I have jotted down. Enjoy!

title: On the towel

I unzip my pants, flop out my cock and grasp it. I close my eyes and think of nothing. I don’t want my head anywhere else but here enjoying myself. This focus, this energy makes me feel it all. In control.

I take my time, speed up, slow down, I want to feel it all. As I get closer to cumming I can feel it build. And flow out of me, on the towel over my lap.

title: Chlorine

Today I went for my morning swim. It was such a sunny day. Rode my bike through the backstreets to get there. Feeling the breeze.

Changing rooms, smell of bodies. I take my shirt of, shorts and jocks…

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                                  A Must Read for Music and Poetry Lovers.

Also, for those who would wish to give salutations to stalwarts of Bollywood.

7th March 2015


Music! The dictionary meaning of Music: ‘vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion’. For centuries, music has been the living breath of Indians. There is no dating back of its origin. It is found, in India that many a times the scriptures were sung and not uttered. The various forms of music predominant in India are born and bred here. The most popular forms are Hindustani Classical, Carnatic Classical, Sugam Sangeet (Light Classical), and Filmic. The Folk music of India is one which is most popular among…

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