I Love A Christmas Parade In Red Bank

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Tonight we went to the Red Bank, Tennessee Christmas Parade. Every year this nearby community puts on a great show of town pride and holiday cheer. There are a wide array of organizations who participate in the parade from the Fire and Police Department to Girl Scouts, churches, elected officials and more. Everyone comes out for this great time of festive fun.

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Speculations of the Dreaming Kind: Living Setup

Wide Awake But Dreaming

Well, now, I finally make it back to the blog after a just over eleven hour drive yesterday and an early evening.  I mean, I left all you pretties alone with my words yesterday, and I couldn’t interact as I normally do.

On the other hand, I was taking selfies in service stops in Ohio.  It all works out. On the other hand, I was taking selfies in service stops in Ohio. It all works out.

Now you know what sort of ring-a-ding-thing Annie is interested in getting when the time come to tie the knot, so to speak.  That girl–when it comes time to say, “Until death do us part,” she means it.  Of course her parents–who she’s said are very romantic–have their astral rings, but one gets the feeling that Annie’s ring for Kerry is going to be extremely elaborate and done with a lot of love and care.  Also, she’s had years to work on and refine the design, which is gonna put a lot…

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Begging bowl

Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

Uncontrollable passion
I just want to dance
I may be found insane
Inane, crazy, half wit, with no brain
these feet don’t want to stop
The rhythm is given by the beat of the heart
Hoo Hoo Haq hoo,
the beggar’s call, mighty fall
nothing matters, nothing at all
Is this the moment, to remove senses
No time no tenses,
No boundaries no fences,
Totally immersed in the ocean of love
Nothing seems of any value
Shaking head, dancing feet
being the sole answer
Worldly possessions seem cancer
Want to get rid of these tumours
All facts, findings mere rumours
And leave all my possessions
belongings, frustrations
just me and bare I
Urges wish to die, then die
I dance and I dance
Darwish has woken up in a trance
Never ever going to sleep again
senses regain, nothing
just a desire to move
in this rhythm of eternity

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Serving bandrek in Indonesia

Joshi Daniel Photography

A man serving the Indonesian beverage bandrek into cups in Kampung Daun, Indonesia A man serving bandrek | Kampung Daun, Bandung, Indonesia

The bandrek is a hot beverage made of a mixture of spices and is a native to the Sundanese people of West Java in Indonesia.

A big thank you to Wonderful Indonesia and the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia for this great opportunity to meet new people and a number of amazing places in Indonesia.

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