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Sometimes I wonder where home is….

I was born in Scotland, of English parents. Scotland is my home, the place of my birth.  Scotland is where I spent the first 23 years of my life. That is my citizenship.

When people ask where I am from, I have difficulty answering, apart from saying “Scotland”, because we moved around so much in my time there. I usually tell people I came from Edinburgh, or that I was born in Dunfermline, both of which are in the county of Fife, but we had many different homes in different places as I was growing up.

My heart is often pulled there, to Scotland. When I go there, I feel that I have come home. However, I left Scotland in 1972, and came to Canada. Canada became my new home, as I married and had children. I did not make it “home”…

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Hello December!

World of Horror


Hello guys!

The Christmas is nearing and all the Christians are preparing themselves for this big event. I wish you & your loved ones a happy & prosperous year.

I’m a Muslim and here in my country some people celebrate the Christmas. I love this event, especially the Christmas Tree. In our religious we have Norouz (new day) which is the first day of Spring.

What’s your goal(s) in the new year? Share your wishes & goals:)

Let’s pray for a world without war.

Love you all




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The End of an Era: Excitement for what’s to come

Wanderlust: Becoming a Traveler

Today, it’s my birthday. Another year has gone by …so quickly. I can’t believe that it’s already my birthday again… And that I turn 26 years old. Instead of panicking over getting closer and closer to my 30s not having anything specific planned for my future, I choose to take my birthday as an opportunity to step back and sort of reflect upon my life. Because, this year, my birthday is special. This year, my birthday is a game changer.
In many ways, 2015 has been the end of an era, and my birthday just underlines this fact. Soon I’m relocating to Amsterdam, Holland, where an entire new life awaits me as a grown-up (ish) graduate with work and lots of responsibility. Although the concept of responsibility scares me, it also excites me. Finally, I’ll be left all to myself – for good and bad – and I’m ready…

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