Rose Apple Pies


Happy Monday, Loves!!!

How was your weekend? As for me, I had a great weekend, we went to the Christmas market with our friends  and now I am ready to start a new week 🙂 🙂 🙂

Over the weekend as usual I was going through my Facebook page  and I have noticed a lot of people were talking about this super amazing and simple recipe for “Rose Apple Pie”, so I’ve decided to give this try. I will honestly say that this dessert was so quick, easy and super delicious 🙂 . I made few changes to the recipe, but the idea is still the same.

So let’s start:

  1. You will need 3-4 medium sized apples.

after cut apples in half, core, and slice thinly into half moon like-shapes

2. Place apple slices into a glass bowl, fill with water and microwave 4-6 minutes ( until slices are soft and…

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Monthly Favourites: November 2015

coffee with zoe.

I’ve done it again. I’ve went and spent a small fortune on myself when I should really be saving and planning ahead for Christmas! Damn instant gratification and online shopping. Unfortunately this month’s favourites are predominantly on the expensive side of the spectrum, but if any of them make your want-list don’t forget to drop hints for Santa. I’m actually very pleased with these purchases since I’ve been trying to really improve my skincare regime and I think I have the beginnings of a very good routine in place. Anyone else been overly indulgent in this area or have some suggestions?


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I Think I Am In Love With Coffee

Looking Joli Good

~Weekly Product Highlight~

While this isn’t my usual type of makeup Weekly Product Highlight  it is a product I love and I want to highlight it 🙂

Aero Press Coffee Maker | My Aero Press Coffee Maker

Are you a coffee drinker?  Up until about 6 months ago, I would have said “Not me, no way, I never drink coffee!”  Then I slowly started to drink coffee and it has all been down hill since then, haha, just kidding.  I do enjoy drinking coffee now.  I am not one to go to a drive-thru, so I needed to learn how to make my own coffee.  I also didn’t want to get another appliance to take up room on my already limited kitchen counter space.

My husband suggested that I try out an Aero Press.   I am not going to lie, I made several really bad cups of coffee before figuring out what worked…

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