Day 1063: Hair and now

The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

A couple of days before now, I put this hairy post up on my Facebook page:

So, I am tired of believing, on any level, that my lovability is connected to how young I look and/or the way I wear my hair. Therefore, I am seriously considering cutting my hair super short and letting my hair color be completely natural. So my profile picture might be looking VERY different, very soon.

Now, the amount of support I got from this post was hair-raising.

Yesterday, I went to see my beloved hair expert, Mia at MiAlisa salon (appearing now in previous blog posts here, here, here, and here). I brought along these pictures of hair:

I noticed this sign at Mia’s hair salon …


… when my hair was this length:


I could still see all the wonderful words on that sign when my hair was this…

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Vídeo adorável: mamãe baleia e seu filhote nadam ao lado de mamãe golfinho com seu filhote


O vídeo acima foi gravado na costa leste da Austrália e mostra uma baleia jubarte com seu filhote nadando próxima a uma mamãe golfinho com seu filhote.pturado usando uma câmera montada em um drone. Os animais estão nadando próximos à superfície, por isso a filmagem foi possível.

Amizade animal?

Baleias e golfinhos são ambos cetáceos, ou seja, pertencem a mesma ordem de animais.

As jubartes se alimentam de animais pequenos, como krill e peixes menores. Elas não possuem dentes e são conhecidas como “baleias filtradoras”. Por exemplo, um dos modos de caça desses animais é a “rede”: um grupo de baleias faz um círculo em volta de um cardume, prendendo os peixes a fim de engoli-los.

Ou seja, apesar de ser consideravelmente maior que o golfinho, a baleia nadando atrás da outra mamãe não está pensando em comê-la.

baleia e golfinho 2

Isso não significa que esses animais sejam “amigos”, no entanto. A interação…

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Barry Parts XI-XX

Dougstuber's Blog

Flying Dutchmen and everything from E-Scows to sunfish round out the contingency (mostly old-school wooden catamarans) that raced on Sundays.  If regatta-day was quite windy I’d race a 14-foot Hoby Cat considered gauche and nouveau-riche by the wooden hulled catamaran owners, perhaps because they are lighter and quicker. My girth gave me a decided “keep-the-boat-flat”  advantage on heavy days during the two legs that require tacking, and, being a one-men operation, it was a test of both nautical and tactical skills.  On light wind days I’d race sunfish but not with much success.

So I got past the yacht club, then the pump house, a Canandaigua landmark and scene of an emergency pissing pit stop four years later, when the choice was pee in my car, or behind the “pumpa housa” as Dad called it.  Might have gotten arrested and had a permanent sex-offender for that type of move these…

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A little spooky

Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

I read Melanies post about her beloved cat, that passed away. Her writing made me cry and I couldn’t get her story out of my head.

I don’t have any cats and dogs because of allergies, but I can understand that losing such friends is like losing family members. Only with the difference that they walked on four legs instead of two.

Then I realized I have one cat. A rock cat that one of my sisters painted. It almost look like Melanies cat. That’s spooky, I think. Go read Melanies post and check out the cat photo and you will see.

Have a great Sunday 🙂


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Simple Morning Routine Hacks

Looking Joli Good

I am not actually a huge fan of the word HACK, it reminds me of someone with pneumonia or bronchitis…anyway, now that I have grossed you out and ruined that word for you as well…
Anything that is going to make my life easier is a good thing! I love “life hacks”  

Now that I am working, I am no longer able to spend endless amounts of time getting ready in the morning.  I have a few tips and tricks to being able to get out of the house quickly.

  1. Do not wait until tomorrow morning to do what you can do the night before!!!
    I can not stress this point enough!  No matter how early I wake up in the morning it always seems as if the time flies by way faster than it does later in the day.  I always make our lunches the night before, but I…

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