Around the World in Style – France

Urban Paradise

4Hey loves!  I wanted to do something totally new that I haven’t done before and as I thought of idea of idea – it came to me!  I want to start a weekly post featuring different styles from around the world!  Each country is incredibly different and I want to show the beauty of every country – not just mine!  So now, on Saturday evenings I will be picking a different country and talking about their style.  For me first choice what could possibly be better than starting with one of the world’s fashion power houses – France!

I have a weird obsession with France, despite the fact that I’ve never actually been there.  I mean, Paris is the City of Love and they basically created couture.  And everyone knows the French have amazing taste.  1French women seem to have such an effortless chic sense of style, like, it’s not even fair.

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