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Has anybody heard from Melanie since here last post:

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I’m worried and sending her some hugs and love by posting this drawing, inspired from her post about going into turtle mode.

We all need to do that sometimes and I hope every one, who does that, has love all over the shield.

Take care, all of you and leave no doubt about your love for the people you love.

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Leave No Doubt!


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Day 1053: Things I never knew

The Year(s) of Living Non-Judgmentally

Every day, I learn many things I never knew.

For example, I never knew there were exactly 100 things I never knew about my  own brain.


I never knew there was a brain user’s guide available for purchase, even though I used to write user’s guides in the 1970s.

I never knew they made peeps for dogs.


I never knew how to weld.


Before I started this blog, I never knew I could write about the coolest topics. I also never knew that writing about something would bring more of that into my life, almost immediately.


I never knew where I could find the coolest looks, before yesterday.

I never knew all the anagrams for the word “cake.”


I never knew it was okay to advertise with backwards letters, even though I had an advertising company in the 1990s.

I never knew people decorated cars like cakes.

I never knew…

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My Daily Bread // Cheeseburger Pasta.

Ordinary Adventures

When it comes to cooking, I’m kind of pathetic. I never get the right ingredients, never follow the instructions correctly, somehow I always end up hurting myself, and I never seem to finish my leftovers. Long story short, I’m a horrible chef.

But that is why I am starting a new installmenthere on Ordinary Adventures, as well as a new goal for myself in my life. I am happy to introduce to you all,My Daily Bread. In this little series, I hope to share (weekly) with you all, my adventures in the kitchen.

What better way to start off this journey than with a Damn Delicious inspired dish? If you guys like cheeseburgers, casseroles, and easy recipes, than you will love this meal. I have been head over heals forthese “one pot” dishes and the whole idea of just simple, quick food. And this one hits all those…

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Boots Haul



We all love our good deals, right? Well, today I innocently popped into Boots for a browse when I stumbled across some Christmas offers I just couldn’t miss out on. It’s a very festive time of year when shoppers seem to go a little bit crazy, but I battled my way through and with the current offer of triple points on advantage cards when you spend over £35, how could I resist? Yes, that is a cheeky box of Maltesers. Does anyone else think they taste so much better from a box rather than a standard packet? Enjoying rummaging through my basket, you may notice I didn’t buy one single item of makeup. I can’t quite believe it. I think i’m feeling OK.


The offer I was most pleased about was on Origins skincare. I recently bought their bestselling GinZing Eye Cream (£20) and it’s the best i’ve ever used. So, I…

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