Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation Review + Swatches

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Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation

Hi everyone!

This foundation looks amazing on the skin and is perfect for those that want a natural-looking foundation that still offers coverage. This review is on the shade Porcelain.

The formula is almost a liquid and blends very well and quickly. I have tried this foundation with a few different primers and I find that it works best with a silicon based primer. I was first using this with a glycerin based primer and did not like the way it sat on my skin. I apply it with a flat top brush and buff it into my skin. This has a light to medium coverage and has a matte/satin finish; looks like skin.

This lasts fine on oily skin but it does melt around my nose where I’m the most oily. It doesn’t control my oils at all but when I blotted and powdered every 4 hours or so it…

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The Versatile Blogger Award (1 nov)

Spread love not hate


My awesome blogger vincewambua nominated me for this wonderful award. What a better way to celebrate Deepavali. I’m so humbled and honored. Thank you so much and be sure to check out his blog!

The rules: 

  1. Thank the person that has nominated you & Include a link to their blog
  2. Nominate at least 15 blogs of your choice
  3. Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination
  4. Share seven different facts about yourself

Seven Facts about me:

  1. I am a Gemini
  2. A neat freak
  3. Tea person
  4. I put in a lot of effort for my loved ones
  5. Favorite colour is orange.
  6. I have a weakness for tom yum soup
  7. I love to cook

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MAC Viva Glam 2 Lipstick Review + Swatches

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Mac Viva Glam 2

Hi again!

I thought I would do a review on the lipstick that is my go-to when I don’t know what to pair my eye look with. This shade just goes with every and any makeup look; it is a “my lips but better” color.

The finish is satin; it looks like a matte with a slight sheen. The formula is creamy upon application and has great staying power but I do notice this formula drying out my lips after a few hours of wear. I have to apply a balm under this to prevent my lips being dried out but I do like that it “sticks” to my lips and doesn’t slide around.

This is a mauve, pink shade with a grey-undertone, it looks very flattering on and is a great color for over-drawing your lips because it is very similar to my natural lip color.

Mac Viva Glam 2Mac Viva Glam 2

100% of the purchase…

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Annas Art - FärgaregårdsAnna

Do you remember the film Wargames, where the defcon levels had a big impact on the drama?

This evening Swedish security police held a press conference where they told us about a higher risk of terror attacks. Their scale are 1-5, where 1 is no threat and 5 is very high risk. They have worked on the third level since 2010 and today they changed it to 4, which means a higher risk than before, but not as high as level 5.

This head news for today is difficult to understand. The world has gone mad. I don’t think I ever can understand why every human being don’t want to live in peace.

I’m a grown up with a child brain and eyes looking at parents in divorce wonder why grownups can’t stop fighting and make peace forever.

We are spoiled in Sweden, we’ve lived in peace for 200 years…

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Com o avanço da tecnologia, estamos cada vez mais reféns de smartphones, GPS e todos os aplicativos possíveis que facilitem o dia a dia. Para o casal Marta Martinez Samalea e Boris Kanev, uma longa viagem não dependeu de nenhum destes recursos. A dupla foi daBulgária a Índia em 511 dias sem utilizar avião ou dispositivos móveis, jornada memorável que resultou numa grande história, reunida num blog.

Saindo da Bulgária sem GPS, tablet ou smartphone, a ideia do casal era explorar os lugares de van, bike ou a pé, sem pisar num avião ou ter acesso à gadgets. “O que nós realmente queríamos fazer era uma jornada por terra. Mas nós simplesmente amamos caronas e parecia ser uma boa maneira de permear a rotina em lugares diferentes, é um ótimo jeito de conhecer pessoas e histórias que não cruzariam nosso caminho de outra maneira”, contou Marta ao Daily…

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Nail Tech Advice!

Polished by Amy

Hey guys!

I’ve had so many requests to do a post for the aspiring nail technicians out there. I put together some of my top pieces of advice and tricks that no one tells you about beforehand. These tips should help anyone who is looking to get into the beauty industry for hair, nails, or makeup. If you have any more questions, please leave them below!

  • Do Your Research Before Picking a salon


This is so important when starting out in the beauty industry because this is where you will begin building your clientele and making money. Accepting the first or second salon offer could be detrimental if the salon isn’t the right fit for you. I suggest checking into the salon reviews, looking up their social media sites, and taking the time to see the salon in person.

  • Don’t Expect A Lot Of Income In The Beginning


Developing steady income…

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Hating God but Singing Anyway

Micki Allen

Have you ever hated God?

Growing up, I used to spend a month or so of every summer visiting with my maternal grandparents. I now understand that it was a practicality — a time to give my single-mom what I’m sure was a much needed break, but I always assumed it was just a special time for me to  experience a “real family” [which equalled unbroken and religious to my young mind] and to enjoy 24/7 unconditional love and affection from my deeply religious grandmother. It was a tradition that I cherished and always looked forward to — including the “churchy” part because I’d enjoyed the wonderful bonds of friendship that I’d formed with my grandparents’ church family. As I got older, the amount of summer-time spent with my grandparents decreased because, well, I was a teenager. Still, the tradition continued until the summer between my Freshman and Sophomore high school years when my mom…

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