HASK Argan Oil Repairing Hair Care Collection

2 Classy Sisters

We are apart of a site called Brand Backer. From the site I was able to try HASK Argan Oil Repairing Hair Care Collection. I have tried different types of oil shampoos and conditioners in the past and I’ve never not liked any that I’ve tried.

From the line I was able to try their shampoo and conditioner, along with their intense deep conditioning hair treatment and healing shine hair treatment. I have been using the products for a couple of weeks now and I really like them! My hair feels silky and healthier after showering with these products. When I used the intense deep conditioning hair treatment, my hair felt and looked AMAZING! I felt that it brought a lot of moisture back into my hair making it look refreshed. I would recommend these products. If you aren’t looking for a repairing hair care line, they also have other…

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Bombeiro passa por complexo transplante de face nos EUA


Patrick antes e depois do transplante. (AP)

Um bombeiro de 41 anos que ficou totalmente desfigurado em 2001 foi submetido ao transplante de face mais amplo e mais complexo praticado até agora – anunciou nesta segunda-feira um centro médico em Nova York.

Mais de 100 médicos, enfermeiros e técnicos participaram da cirurgia de 26 horas – realizada em meados de agosto no Centro Médico NYU Langone, anunciou a instituição.

O paciente foi Patrick Hardison, de Senatobia, Missisippi (sul dos EUA), que sofreu graves feridas faciais quando trabalhava como bombeiro voluntário justo uns dias antes dos ataques de 11 de setembro.

Hardison ficou severamente desfigurado quando o teto de uma casa em chamas caiu sobre ele durante uma missão de resgate. Perdeu as pálpebras, as orelhas, os lábios, a maior parte do nariz, o cabelo e as sobrancelhas.

Ele recebeu o rosto de David Rodebaugh, que faleceu em um acidente. (Divulgação)

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Essential Oils

Looking Joli Good

Unless you have been living under a rock :-), (or maybe you don’t have a Facebook or Pinterest account), I am sure you have heard one thing or another about essential oils.  I have been using essential oils for about 2 years now. Don’t stop reading, I am NOT a Youngliving or Doterra sales rep, and I am not going to try to get anyone to buy something from me.  I just love using essential oils.  There are so many natural benefits to using these oils!  As you may know, I am an RN, I give modern medicine on a daily basis.  I believe in modern medication, but I also believe that essential oils are beneficial as well.

You may have heard the term essential oils, but might still be wondering what are essential oils?Well if you were to google “what are essential oils?”  the first answer you would get would…

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Lush Bath Bomb

Glam Meets Girl

If you are a bath taker, you’ve no doubt tried a bath bomb in your tub before. If not, let me explain what a bath bomb is. A bath bomb is a circle shaped ball that when placed under water fizzes like Alika-seltzer leaving your bath with bubble colour and many times, an oil to moisturize your skin.

One of Lush’s founding items are in fact their bath bombs. They all have fun, unique names. Lush’s Bath Bombs are unique as many times you will be surprised by what comes out of the tub. Your bath could be filled with sparkles or dried flowers to set the mood.

While it seems that people who love Lush’s Bath Bombs are no novice to bath bombs, those who are bath bomb newbies are not so sure. You can check out LUSH bath bombs in action on their website. On each bath bomb’s page, they have a video of…

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A Schoolboy Comedian’s Prank (Snippets 40)

Windows into History

Haymarket The Haymarket Theatre, where Mathews made his first London performance, photographed c. 1900.

Charles Mathews (1776-1835) was an English comedian, known chiefly for his impressions, and for playing many different characters in one performance (see also Katie’s Pick of Punch 5.  His memoirs were published posthumously in 1839 by his widow.  Autobiographical writing can often be amusing, but especially so when written by a comedian.  Remembering his school days, Mathews wrote of his cruel treatment at the hands of his teachers, and the moment when a practical joke went wrong:

In due course of time I was sent to school — St. Martin’s Free School was, I believe, the first. In the indiscriminate selection of a first school, there are very few who reflect on its consequent effects in after life. Had I twenty sons, I would never send one to the school of a man fond of punishment…

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Do You Enjoy Writing Wicked?

The Lonely Author

Every hero needs a villain.

Remember the cardboard cutout dastardly villain who squeezed his handle bar mustache between his fingers while tying the damsel in distress to the railroad tracks. Those days are over.

If you are a writer and you have a great hero, there is one thing that you need; an even GREATER villain.

Today’s readers and audiences don’t expect a bad guy who is all brawn and no brains. They want a villain who challenges our hero and defeats him time and time again. This allows you to build tension. Readers want a cunning evil doer who is always two steps ahead of our protagonist.

Think of The Joker (the Heath Ledger version of course) in The Dark Knight, constantly outwitting everyone including Batman. Hannibal Lecter “quid pro quo” demands of Clarice Starling; before he led her to a serial killer (Buffalo Bill) she desperately needed to…

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