Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate

Glam Meets Girl

As of late, Kiehl’s has become one of my most trusted skincare brands. One of the main reasons being that Kiehl’s is a brand that doesn’t rely on gimmicks, crazy packaging or clever marketing tricks – the brand is all about the science, research, and ingredients which really work.

As you all know after a full day of battling to protect itself from damage, our skin shows signs of fatigue, which causes it to look older including the more prominent appearance of lines as well as dull, dehydrated, rough and tired-looking skin. This facial oil is offering skin its own daytime defense system to revitalize and help reduce the signs of skin fatigue. Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate features a specifically selected, highly concentrated blend of 100% natural origin ingredients including Ginger Root Essential Oils, Tamanu and Sunflower Seed Botanical Oils. Designed to reduce daily environmentally-induced oxidation, this non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic, mineral oil free and…

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Product of the Week | The Blushed Blush Palette by Morphe Brushes


Hello and welcome to my new series ‘Product of the Week’!

During this series I will show you one scrumptiously good product every Tuesday that I have been constantly reusing and loving; yes, I change up my products quite a lot! I am going to treat this series like a review, so I hope you can benefit in some way from reading the posts. I thought I would open with the best blushes I have ever used (what a bold statement).



Number 4 is my most used and my favourite!


I apply the product with my (very dirty) Sigma F10 Powder/Blush Brush.

The 9B Blushed Blush Palette by Morphe Brushes arrived a few weeks ago and I have not put it down. You will have seen it in my Unboxing Haul on Sunday.

Let me tell you a little about my blush history

It’s safe to say I haven’t explored…

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Makeup Starter Kit

Looking Joli Good

If you are new to make up and are looking for some great products to get to a great start.  Here is a list of some products that I think work well and are affordable for a beginner!
Makeup Starter Kit

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Shake the Foundations

DoubleU = W


Shake the foundations of who you have become.

Was it all a matter of your choosing?

Is all that makes up who you are truly you?

Maybe another is inside you trying to escape.


Are you this person because you were programmed?

Can what you see within yourself rise to new heights?

Do you allow yourself room to meliorate?

You will never know until you shake the foundations.


Shake the foundations of those in power.

How did they achieve such a lofty stature?

Are they a malefactor of their position?

Perhaps they deceive through a false facade.


Should such potency be snatched away?

Could the time have come to topple their reign?

Have you made yourself aware of their character?

You will never know until you shake the foundations.


Shake the foundations of all that you see.

Do you see reality or find yourself deluded?

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