How I Care for My Bleached and Damaged Hair.

Ordinary Adventures

Last summer I made the horrible decision to go blonde. I was dying my hair red for two years leading up to my wedding last May, and I had decided that after we came back from the honeymoon, I’d stop destroying my poor hair. But I figured that if I wanted to stop damaging my hair, I should take it upon myself to fulfill my dream of being a blonde before my hair recuperated further down the line. I made an appointment to get it bleached and dyed (Drew had always dyed my hair at home when I was doing red) and the next day I took the plunge.

What an absolutely horrible  mistake. My hair dresser brutalized my hair by keeping the bleach on my burning scalp for over an hour. Then immediately dyed it a unnatural blonde tone. It looked great with it styled and five seconds out of…

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