Flora and the Spell Caster. Fantastic tale.

Joëlle Jean-Baptiste – Author

Dear readers,

Here’s the new written version of the fantastic tale, Flora Bytom and the Spell Caster. You will find extracts for a few weeks, until the next publication of the book. Wladyslaw Tepes, the Romanian prince of darkness of the land of Mount Moldoveanu will be ruthless and he uses all the evil spells, to extend its terrifying power.

The tree in the clouds

“In the hills of the Oberland, in the north-eastern of the Poland, lived Flora Bytom, a peasant than a dozen years. She lived with her parents in a wooden farmhouse, nestled in the countryside of Nidzica. (…)
In recent weeks, the region became the target of worrying phenomena. Indeed, during stormy nights, scary roars resounded in the hamlets.
In spring morning, as usual, the girl got up early to do his daily work. She opened the shutters wondering why she did not hear the cock singing.
She showered, put…

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