Loss of Innocence



I am in a different world

midnight blue and deathly quiet—

sound already a distant memory.

I know I am drowning

though I can’t feel anything.

My vision a complex of multiple angles;

at once I can look down and see my hands

and in their palms the universe

—dusty stars and strange white flowers—

that I will soon belong to.

Another angle assumes my face

and on it a smile I don’t recognize

—full of mystery and terrifying wickedness–

soon I know will be nothing.

Already a stranger breaths for me.

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Fourteenth October Two Thousand Fourteen!

The Traveller Kaur

Fourteenth October, Two Thousand Fourteen,
Nature is changing it’s mood.

From warmth of sun in the morning,
Slumber now breaks with cool breeze.

The delayed dawns and early dusk,
Giving friends enough reason to carouse.

Lovers will have chance to hold hands,
Sit by fire, and talk till dawn breaks.

Time when Christmas bells will be heard,
New Year resolutions will be made.

I too have my own reasons of happiness,
Slouching in my chair,
I’ll have uncountable coffee dates with myself.

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