Focus T 25 UPDATE:: Week 1 Day 4 ALPHA PHASE

Impressions & Expressions

Hey GUYS 🙂

Yes I am doing another review for the Focus T25. Gotta keep the peeps updated right?

So when I first started it was like a Wednesday but the scheduled calendar starts on a Monday. So I did Mon & Tues workouts on  Wed & Thurs and did Fridays workout on Fri (because its a double workout) and then the following Monday started over. Today is the fourth day of the week (my 7th actual day of doing this) which is Ab Intervals woo. I LOVE ab work and cardio so this is right up my alley.

My stomach I can tell it harder and the bottom part seems to remain flatter. you can see the definition in my side abs very well. This is only the first week! DO I think I have lost weight? Not really. Not yet. Maybe a tiny amount as far as measurements…

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