Focus T 25 UPDATE:: Week 1 Day 4 ALPHA PHASE

Impressions & Expressions

Hey GUYS 🙂

Yes I am doing another review for the Focus T25. Gotta keep the peeps updated right?

So when I first started it was like a Wednesday but the scheduled calendar starts on a Monday. So I did Mon & Tues workouts on  Wed & Thurs and did Fridays workout on Fri (because its a double workout) and then the following Monday started over. Today is the fourth day of the week (my 7th actual day of doing this) which is Ab Intervals woo. I LOVE ab work and cardio so this is right up my alley.

My stomach I can tell it harder and the bottom part seems to remain flatter. you can see the definition in my side abs very well. This is only the first week! DO I think I have lost weight? Not really. Not yet. Maybe a tiny amount as far as measurements…

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at least

sheila sea

at least I know

that some day-

maybe tomorrow,

when I’m standing

in line at the bank

or in my car

headed home

frustrated at gridlock

counting black car tops

and cursing idiot drivers

atleast I know

that if a clot

makes it way

up my right arm

at just the right moment

when my blood pumps just so

amidst bobbing and weaving

and reading traffic signs

in blurred snow

at least I know

that when the pain

bears down

and the shock comes

and goes

at least I know

it’ll be your voice

and your grip

in the throes

as the neurons stop firing

and the hallucinations take hold

at least I know

it’ll be with you,


that I’ll leave a part

and the whole

of my soul.

– sc

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Without Purpose



from my silver world

I watch

and listen

but everything is blurred

people move too fast

rushing past with vague faces

or else leaving in midsentence

an unfinished story



and abandoned

where they once stood

in my silver world

there is no time

so I watch, listen

and try to understand

people lose their dreams on sidewalks

and don’t even turn around

because they are so busy

running to nowhere

so full of nothing

that they don’t realize

everything is missing

In my silver world

I watch, listen

and try to understand

people are actors

pretending to live

or else following a script

they thought was theirs

but isn’t

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