Reasoning with the Miguided people

Shake Your Conscience !



The Qur’an is a book of argumentation against infidelity, polytheism, and atheism in the same way as it a book of legislation on Shariah matters. This is why intellectual and rational arguments, permeating all through it, have been advanced chiefly against infidels, polyththeists, Jews, Christians, and athiests or materialists. Reasoning with them reapetedly, every aspect of thier faith has been countered intellectually, challenging them to substantiate thier claims similarly. Criticising some of the contentious beliefs of the jews and the christians, for instance, the Qur’an commands thus:

Those are thier desires. Say unto them, O Muhammad: “produce proof in support of your claim if you are truthful.”

In the same vain, the false ideologies of the polyhiests and the athiests are renounced in these words:

Have they adopted other gods besides Him? Say: “produce your proof in this regard.”
21: 24

Similarly, after posing…

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