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The Alcohol and Drug Services Division implemented the System of Care on July 1, 1998 to:

  • Improve the quality of services to Sacramento County residents
  • Ensure the provision of appropriate level of services
  • Tailor treatment to meet needs at all levels
  • Better manage Sacramento County AOD resources

A continuum of services is provided which include pre-treatment interventions, detoxification, residential and day treatment, outpatient counseling, and aftercare services. Thorough assessments, treatment matching and consistent use of AOD tools are key components.

County operated direct services are focused in the following three areas:

  • Conducting AOD assessments and determining appropriate level of treatment.
  • Operating group services aimed at providing information, education and support for clients at a “use” level with minimal AOD related problems. These groups can also double as pre-treatment services for clients who have higher level of care needs and are not treatment ready. Pre-treatment services are also available on…

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I’m going to call this one perspective.

Have you ever experienced a good situation, or a bad situation (a temporary one.) That turned in to something bad? Have you ever had an experience that gave you a broad & very fine view on life as it already is?

I have…

I am…

Sometimes we have to go through uneasy situations & uneasy experiences in order to see the clearer picture. I like to call this a lesson, or a warning that encourages me to be better as a person; or a warning or lesson that encourages me to do something better for my very own well-being. Sometimes we just have to accept life as it already is. Accept situations as they come, even the sticky wicket situations.

Be thankful.

Be grateful.

Try a little bit harder…

Do better…

So we could be better people!



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Splurge vs Steal by Meg O. on the Go

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Splurge vs Steal | Check out Meg O on the Go!

Splurge vs Steal | Splurge vs Steal! Check out Meg O on the Go!

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