G a z e Oh My Heart ! / Splendor.


Look ,  oh my heart how beautiful is the world !

Look , how Gorgeous  its  with   L  O  V  E   !

Look at nature’s wonders  and  B e h o l d  .

The sky , the sea , the days and the nights ,

Look at the stars and at the Moon ,

Look at the  S p l e n d o r  they  hold !

Oh my heart tell me ,have you ever seen ,

The Moon shining   but  for the loving ones ?

Who are vigil waiting to meet ,to hold hands .

Have you ever seen a wishing star that doesn’t ,

Bring cheerful news but for the yearning hearts ?

Have you ever seen the zenith of blissfulness ,

Except in those  l o v e r s  E y e s ?

No more waiting ,no more sorrows ,no more…

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You Were Gone Too Soon

Dreamspinner Extraordinaire


You were gone too soon
Like a fleeting kiss of summer
When trees start to bloon
And there are flowers everywhere
You gifted us a moment
Of pure bliss and innocence

You were gone too soon
And with you a piece of our heart
How can we wake up in the morning
Knowing that you never will?
How can we look at the sunrise
Without remembering your smile?

You were gone too soon
A finality our tears cannot undo
Alone yet undaunted, you ventured
Into the murky unknown
Where no living mortals have ever treaded
A world beyond our grasp

Do you know we love you so?
And now we will miss you
Everyday. Every single day.
But we will find comfort in knowing
That when we search the night sky
You are already one of the dazzling stars

Note: I wrote this for my little cousin who passed away…

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