Now I’m Excited

Ed Mooney Photography


I never imagined I would have gotten this far, so you could just imagine my suprise, when I saw the email from the Irish Blog Awards telling me that I had made it as a finalist in the ‘Best PhotographyBlog’. Needless to say I am absolutley BUZZING. Looking back to when I started this little blog, I had no idea what I was doing or where it would lead too. Over time as I kept shooting, learning and sharing, it all fell into place, when someone called me a Ruinhunter!Ok so its not all about ruin hunting, I do like to do other photography related stuff from time to time, but the name has stuck and thats what I enjoy the most.

Over the past four+ years I this little blog has helped me learn so much and I have met some great people along the way. Without their support…

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The Farnsworth Invention

Pearls Of Blissdom by AntheasChronicles


For those of you who haven’t heard and are wondering what I have been gong on about- well- it is a play written by Aaron Sorkin- of the Social Network fame.. Why then you wonder- why is she (me- the author of this blog) writing about it?? Well here is why….

As a kid, my mum also imbibed in me a love for theatre and musicals, and when this play was advertised in Dubai, UAE, I decided I must go- especially as my mum was visiting..

This play was showing 5 times over this weekend and Friday afternoon (the weekend in this part of the world) seemed perfect! So mum, me and 2 of my friends decided to make an afternoon of it! This play here was performed by an amateur theatre group called the Theatrics, who were going to support a few charities with the money from this show!

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Effects of Freudian Psychoanlysis

Shake Your Conscience !


 There are certain theories that suddenly came up on the horizon and conquered the human minds without having given a second thought. Psychoanalysis is one such theory, developed in an infinitesimal amount of time. Compared with other scientific developments that took long time to get one idea after the other, the development of all such complicated structures and ideas like ids and egos, the tensions and the forces, the pushes and the pulls, seems to be too much for one brain or a few brains to have cooked up in such a short time, and such a hurried development is bound to have lapses. People like Freud, Adler, Darwin, etc. gave serious setback to the human thoughts and emotions through their theories and have had far reaching effects on human mind.

Freud and Adler, the two champions of Psychoanalysis, may somewhat seem to have differed on the ideological front, but…

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Honest Beauty


Hello All!

I was pretty excited when I received a $20 Honest Beauty Credit via email exclusive to Honest Company members. I have been a member since my son was a new born (a little over two years now). I get bundles of cutely seasonal designed diapers that are free of harmful chemicals to baby along with baby wipes. These deliveries come straight to my door or I can opt to skip a month if I have too many diapers already. Anyway – here were are: natural beauty not harmful to mommy’s skin, too! I picked up one Luminizing Powder in Dawn Reflection (peach shade). There are two more shades available in Midnight Reflection (ivory) and Dusk Reflection (bronze).

Here are some details from the Honest Beauty site:

  • Silky, baked face powder gives your skin an instant, healthy-looking glow
  • Lightweight texture and subtle shimmer create more even-looking skin tone in one…

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