Healthy Crusades.Poetic Letter

Jolliantte JASE-BEEP

Dear readers,

I’m pleased to be back with new publications, enriched, that you discover in the coming weeks.
Here also a new poetic letter entitled: Healthy Crusades

Healthy Crusades

Healthy Crusades

A leper is more beautiful
That his tortuous mind
When evil is spreading
Slyly, in the meeting
In writing and in action
Splashing blood
Shamelessly, the righteous

We all have a role
That of combat and denounce
Whoever continues her falsehoods?
As of endless crimes
Some are silent and wallow
Taking advantage,
Without any shame (…)

The rest of this new poetic letter is on the site of poetry: The free thoughts

You will also find the new schedule of publications from October to December. You discover new enriched versions, before the first publication in the Calendar of joelleauteur
Much thanks for your fidelity.

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Hidden Artwork!

Through Open Lens


F/4.0, 1/60, ISO 800.

Day 58 /365

I came across one of the PAWN Art Work.  Pawn is a muralist residing in Jersey City that specializes in freehand aerosol graffiti and street art themed work. For nearly 15 years, Pawn has been mastering his craft. Pursuing his passion to leave behind a body of work that the public can freely view, enjoy, and gain inspiration from.  ( )

Interesting Fact: The word graffiti comes from the Greek word ‘graphein’ which means ‘to write’. Graffiti was first found on ancient Roman architecture, although back in them days there was no such thing as spray paint, they calved images out on walls. ( )

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