Mr. Crabcake on (what else?) crab cakes

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Guest post by John Shields

A highlight of the Baltimore Book Festival this weekend will surely be chef John Shields’ discussion of his charming new book from JHU Press, Chesapeake Bay Cooking with John Shields, 25th anniversary edition (on Saturday at 12:30 p.m., at the Food for Though Stage). And if you have any doubts as to his qualifications to be the one-and-only “Mr. Crabcake,” read this wonderful excerpt from his book.

shieldsCrab Cakes

Paris may have its foie gras, New Orleans its gumbo, and Spain its paella, but the folks living along the shores and far-reaching tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay have their own signature dish: the crab cake. No dish is more closely associated with the Chesapeake and the blue crab than the mighty crab cake.

When asked to describe their aquatic culinary prize, locals are hard-pressed to come up with a concise description. “Well, hon, it…

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Hello September!

Windmills of My Mind


Please do not take this note the wrong way. It is not mine. Founded on internet. Obviously this person’s garden was raided and hence the note to the world.
In my neighborhood the older person usually sits outside all day in the heat just to keep the poachers away! Regardless if these poachers are human or of the feather or the fur community. Sometimes passing by I say hello and the dirtiest look is directed my way. Hey! I did not steal it!
Mistrust among neighbors is not a good, for if we do not trust our neighbors who can we trust? Wait I got neighbors from hell!

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