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Jazz You Too

Leo Parker‘s album “Let Me Tell You ‘Bout It“, features John Burks on trumpet, better known as Dizzy Gillespie, I found it in one of my drawers, my CD collection keeps on challenging YouTube, I could easily find the track there, so here it is to prove it!

Leo Parker (baritone saxophone); John Burks (trumpet); Stan Conover (bass); Bill Swindell (tenor saxophone); Yusef Salim (piano); Purnell Rice (drums).

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YSL Couture Palette Black Addiction Edition


Hello All! YSL has released three exclusives back to back. The one you will be seeing in this post is fromNordstrom. I could not resist the packaging. You can visit the Nordstrom site directly herefor more details.This Couture Palette Black Addiction Edition is an exclusive only to Nordstrom and isa limited edition piece.

The description via Nordies reads:

  • Get the latest rock-chic look with Yves Saint Laurent Black Addiction Couture Palette, featuring a new harmony of shades sprinkled with glitter and diamond dust
  • This beautiful palette of sensual elegance is composed of deep pink and tawny shades contrasted with an intense black
  • Color glides on smoothly, evenly and blends effortlessly
  • By Yves Saint Laurent; made in France

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure:

The product packaging is YSL’s signature gold that outlines the sides and above is a black-copper shimmer with hints of pink and the…

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~Weekly Product Highlight~ Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge~

Looking Joli Good

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

This sponge is amazing even for full coverage foundation. It hides blemishes much better than a brush giving a more natural skin like finish.  The flat side is really good for stippling foundation, allowing you to build up more coverage where you need it and get rid of excess foundation where you don’t. The pointy side is great for application of makeup under the eye area.  The sponge can also be used to blend in liquid highlighter and cream blushes.

While you can use it damp or dry, I suggest that you definitely use it damp!  When damp, it makes application easy and gives a flawless look.  To dampen it, hold under running water and squeeze it until it has almost doubled in size.  Once the desired size is reached squeeze it out extra hard to remove all the excess water.

The price is great!…

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The Raven's Nest

STATUE BY Linda Bergkvist PHOTOGRAPH BY A.D. STATUE BY Linda Bergkvist

Listen now to the wind, babe
Listen now to the rain
Feel that water lickin’ at my feet again
I don’t wanna see this town no more
Wastin’ my days on a factory floor
First thing you know I’ll be back in Bow River again

Anytime you want babe, you can come around
But only six days separates me and the great Top End
I been working hard, twelve hours a day
And the money I saved won’t buy my youth again
I’m goin’ for the heat babe, and the tropical rain
In a place where no man’s puttin’ on the dog for me
I’m waitin’ on the weekend, set o’ brand new tyres
And back in Bow River’s just where I want to be

Listen now to the wind, babe
Listen now to the rain
Feel that water lickin’ at my feet…

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