Straighten Teeth at Home for Less than Half of Invisalign…….Wait what???

Impressions & Expressions

Read the headline. Read it again. Wait…no way… seriously.

…noo….wait for real?

Yes. for real.


Okay so pay attention. Closer attention buddy I need you to really hear me right now. I had braces back in 2008. My teeth were awful from thumb sucking as a child. After my braces I had gorgeous teeth. Check out my most recent Instagram photo. I mean absolutely flawless smile. It even changed the SHAPE of my smile.

Unfortunately my rents kicked me out at 17 and I was living with friends bouncing from house to house and eventually lost my much needed retainer. So here we are…almost 6 years later with much shifted teeth and an almost unattractive smile. Its definitely not a big smile like back in ’09.

I started feeling crappy about it and finally set up a consultation with an orthodontist to discuss a spring retainer I had…

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A resort in our backyard!

Pearls Of Blissdom by AntheasChronicles

Less than 20 miles away, from this urban jungle called New York and New Jersey, lies the third largest and the least populated borough of New York City. Lately in the news for all the not so great reasons, Staten Island with its lush greenery, tree lined streets and its 2.5 mile boardwalk (which is the 4th largest in the world), is an oasis in itself.

Having driven through the borough a number of times, and never seeing anything interesting, we decided to make a day of it last weekend.

Hello Staten Hello Staten

Driving past the Bayonne Bridge, we entered the island and set off in the direction of the ‘Postcards’- the September 11 memorial. Please make a note- there is literally no place to park on a Sunday.

Another item on our bucket list was the Snug Harbor Cultural Centre. This first opened between 1831-1833, and originally served as a…

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The Essence of A Woman


Do you appreciate the essence of a woman?

The essence of a woman is strong and can’t be moved. Every woman has an inner essence. The essence of a woman is filled with love and compassion, not the rock that she may wear. The essence of a woman is what causes a man to open doors or lend a jacket to protect her from the midnight’s chill. A woman’s essence is like a river of milk and honey, sweat and pure. Let me tell you about a time where I was introduced to the essence of a woman.

One day I was introduced to a radiant young woman whose essence was so pure. I’ve known her for years before, but this was the first time that I was introduced to her essence. I sat next to her as she gazed at the night. The moon smiled at her face as if it was soothing her tears. She…

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Enjoying A Horse Race – European Style

Edge of Humanity Magazine

This photography essay was submitted to Edge of Humanity Magazine by photographer Tony Edenden.

Longchamp, Paris, France Longchamp, Paris, France

Epsom Derby, England Epsom Derby, England

Click on any image to see Tony’s galleries and collections.

Longchamp, Paris, France Longchamp, Paris, France

Epsom Derby, England Epsom Derby, England

Click on any image to see Tony’s galleries and collections.

 Epsom Derby, England Epsom Derby, England

Longchamp, Paris, France Longchamp, Paris, France

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Black & White

By Tony Edenden


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The Raven's Nest

The deck is cockeyed and my hand is ambiguous. Why trying to make sense of what should remain a mystery, why engaging in foreplay of the mind as the horizon opens itself?

The game has no sense yet and maybe never will. I still play it. This particular round is a dance with nature and my daily life is blissful. Every bits counts, I know. The sublime is always short-lived. I follow the point and the curves, bend and caress the fullness of the delightful tastes encountered. I abandon myself at each turn one card more voluptuous than the last. Life is giving and filling my senses.

fortune whispererQuestions are for intelligent souls, I am just a drifter tossed around in a destiny I finally acknowledge few years back. Yes, this game has no fairness no morality no expectations. It comes and goes, with pleasure and then torments, getting me higher…

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