The Day it Happened….

Fearless Ophelia

One night, my husband and I went upstairs to go to bed. When I rounded the bed to reach my side, I saw a box on my pillow. I opened it and discovered another long, skinny box, a bunch of lubes, some condoms, necklaces, and some pins. This is the most random box I had ever opened, but it certainly had my attention. Evidently my husband won a toy and some schwag in a contest held by Lauren @LaurenMF on Twitter. She is an incredibly brave, strong, beautiful, and sexy woman, and we could all learn something from her – definitely check her out!

Aside from the fact that we just don’t win things in life, I had no idea how that little box was about to change my life. The toy in question here is the beloved Hitachi Magic Wand Original. I am one of those women who…

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