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Looking Joli Good

beauty-blogger-award | lookingjoligood.wordpress.comI was nominated by NotAlways Knotty  for the beauty blogger award. I want to thank her, and tell you all to go check out her blog!  I have really been enjoying what she has been posting. We are both new to beauty blogging, so it it really nice to be able to support each other!

I hope you enjoy this post, and thank you for the nomination NotAlways Knotty!


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  3. Nominate 10 people who’s blog is about beauty or fashion.
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Tarte cosmetics packaging is so cute! | Just look at this packaging! So cute!

NotAlways Knotty‘s Questions for me:
1. What is your favorite makeup brand?
My favorite high end brand is Tarte Cosmetics.  They have the cutest packaging and I just love…

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B&W Candid Photography Essay – Take A Look & Have A Chuckle

Edge of Humanity Magazine

This photography essay was submitted to Edge of Humanity Magazine by Photographer Tony Edenden.

Poole, England Poole, England

Umbrella Venice, Italy Umbrella
Venice, Italy

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Chantilly, France Chantilly, France

Scarborough, England Scarborough, England

Henley Royal Regatta, UK Henley Royal Regatta, UK

Click on any image to see Tony’s galleries and collections.

Feeding Time Poole, England Feeding Time
Poole, England

London, England London, England

Figueres, Spain Figueres, Spain

Click on any image to see Tony’s galleries and collections.

The Mumbles Swansea, Wales The Mumbles
Swansea, Wales


See also:


Black & White

By Tony Edenden


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The Day it Happened….

Fearless Ophelia

One night, my husband and I went upstairs to go to bed. When I rounded the bed to reach my side, I saw a box on my pillow. I opened it and discovered another long, skinny box, a bunch of lubes, some condoms, necklaces, and some pins. This is the most random box I had ever opened, but it certainly had my attention. Evidently my husband won a toy and some schwag in a contest held by Lauren @LaurenMF on Twitter. She is an incredibly brave, strong, beautiful, and sexy woman, and we could all learn something from her – definitely check her out!

Aside from the fact that we just don’t win things in life, I had no idea how that little box was about to change my life. The toy in question here is the beloved Hitachi Magic Wand Original. I am one of those women who…

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Beauty YouTubers

Looking Joli Good

I love to watch beauty videos on YouTube.  I am always looking for new YouTubers to watch.  If you have any good recommendations let me know! I have some of my own recommendations of people to follow.  Here are my top 3…

Tati Westbrook |

My absolute favorite YouTuber is Tati Westbrook of Glam Life Guru.  She is not only absolutely beautiful, but she also makes the most well made and professional make up videos.  If you don’t already follow her, you definitely need to check her out!  I have no idea how she doesn’t have over a million viewers!  Her videos are seriously amazing.

FancyThatwithCandice |

You have got to check out Candice from Fancy That With Candice!  She is so cute and has the sweetest personality!  I love to watch her videos because she gets so excited over the smallest things.  Her videos are so well made and…

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Pixi Mattelustre Lipsticks


Hello All! Here is a little bit of Pixi beauty for you today. I received some goodies + quickly reached out for these lipsticks. The pink one is called Pure Fushia and the darker shade is Plum Berry. Plum Berry is definitely screaming fall ready!

These Mattelustre Lipsticksare described as buildable opaque lip color with 11 on trend and classic shades. This youth-enhancing formula is infused with peptides and vitamins C and E to help create fuller, smoother-looking lips. Weightless color wears comfortably and stays put all day.

I visited my local Target store – oh, just ‘browsing’ around and saw the display (Glow Tonic was SOLD OUT!). All of the fall shades are ready for you! I also picked up their mascara because… I couldn’t help it? Hehe. I will be using these products tomorrow and what I can tell you now is that these lipsticks are…

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