What Is Your Undertone?

Looking Joli Good

What Is Your Undertone? And why does it matter when choosing makeup?

While the color of your skin may change, the color of your undertones will not.  Finding your undertones is the first step in figuring out what shade of foundation and shades of makeup you should be wearing.  It will also help you to determine if you are choosing the correct colors of clothing.

When trying get a foundation color match, knowing your undertones is one of the most helpful things to know. There are three types of undertones: warm, cool, and neutral. If you have warm undertones, your skin will tend to be golden, peachy, or yellow. If you have cool undertones, your skin will usually be pink, red, or even blue, neutral undertones are just that, neutral a mix of warm and cool.

If you don’t know your undertones, here are a few ways to can help you to determine what…

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Less is more …. 


We have moved to a new and improved way of staying clean, feeling sexy and looking good.

We live in a time of full body waxes and taking ‘less is more’ to a whole new level.

Even the usual Bikini waxes are becoming more and more unpopular as the much ‘awwwwwed’ Hollywood or Full Brazilian takes center stage in today’s sex driven society!

If you need a crash course, this may help:

Have you ever had a full body wax? If you haven’t, I recommend trying it – just once – you will literally feel like a new person and I guarentee your world will change – forever!

When you feel beautiful, you look beautiful!

Ifyou’re still feeling icky about the thought of some stranger checking out your assets… Just change the way you think! This person is a professional and trust me, they really don’t want to see…

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True Match Lumi – Powder Glow Illuminator


Good evening from Los Angeles!

Here is a quick look at L’OREAL’s Powder Glow Illumintor in shade Rose N202. There were two other shades available at Target. You can see the other shades availableherevia Ulta Beauty.
The compact opens top to bottom. There is a decent mirror and brush in the bottom compartment housed perfectly (pictured below).
The swatches go clockwise:
I used this on my face today and it turned out a bit too white. I will use it again tomorrow and apply this underneath or after I buff and blend my face with a finishing powder (M•A•C Select Sheer Powder NC30) in hopes that it will carry better. I’m still playing with it! It will definitely work beautifully as eyeshadow or to highlight eye structure.

Xx, Gigi


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Are You Tired?



“Are you tired?”

Isn’t that the worst thing someone can say to you?

“Wow, you look tired..”



Seriously though, I feel like, especially in NYC, people are just TIRED.

All the time.

How you doing? Ugh, long day. How’s life? Exhausting.

Sound familiar?


But there are really two kinds of tired.

There’s body tired. Which, anyone who has gone to Ikea has experienced.


And then there’s soul tired.

And that’s a horse of a different color.

Soul tired. Where you’re worn down, run ragged, feeling like your spirit is a deflated balloon.

During my anorexia, I was soul tired. Or perhaps the better word would be, soul depleted.

I felt as though I was on a treadmill at full speed, and I just couldn’t stop. The strict regimen I had construed for myself surrounding food and exercise and sleep and rituals, the obsessive…

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Workout Wednesdays // Daily Workout Apps week four.

Ordinary Adventures

It was extremely hard to push myself this time around, I honestly wasn’t sure I was going to be successful. I hate doing ab workouts, and it was already a challenge doing four workouts a week, it seemed doomed from the start. At the beginning of this challenge, I told myself that I did not want fall behind or not meet my goal just because I had to focus on my abs. I didn’t want to give up or let myself down because it was going to be a little harder for a few days! I went into this week determined to push through.

I let Wednesday go by, Thursday, Friday flew past me. Suddenly to reach my goal, I was going to have workout everyday in a row. Last night, I had one more workout to go, but before I knew it, it was already midnight. I knew I had…

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Apple Crisp Recipe

Looking Joli Good

Ever since I was little, every year in the fall my family goes apple picking! I love it.  My favorite apples to eat are Macintosh.  So crisp and sweet!
One of my favorite things to do with all the other types of apples that we pick is to make apple crisp.  If you’re looking for a great apple crisp recipe, here is a delicious one from Hoosier Homemade.
If you're looking for a great apple crisp recipe, here is a delicious one | lookingjoligood.wordpress.comIngredients
  • 4 cups (4 large or 5 medium apples) sliced apples
  • ¾ cup brown sugar
  • ½ cup flour, all-purpose
  • ½ cup oatmeal, quick cooking is best
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon nutmeg
  • ½ cup butter or margarine, softened plus additional butter for pan
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and butter a 8×8 baking dish
  2. Slice apples and place in buttered pan
  3. Combine dry ingredients for topping, and mix in butter until crumbled
  4. Add to top of apples
  5. Bake at 350…

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Honeybee Garden Truly Natural Lipsticks

If you’re like me, a look is not complete without putting on lipstick. Most lipsticks leave your lips feeling dry but these Honeybee Garden lippies leave your lips feeling moist. It contains coconut oil and sesame seed oil which penetrates, heals and softens the lip. Lipsticks that do not contain this benefit is the reason behind your cracked and ultimately chap your lips. It is a 100%naturalpreservative. This shows that natural products don’t have to be boring. You can find a natural product that gives you that same effect as a Rimmel or Maybelline product, just better suited for the body.
I will admit that it does not have a huge color variety but it has enough to switch up for the seasons or certain events. It definitely does not have a bad selection. They have a choice of matte, slight frost and slight shimmer. It is…

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