Get A Glowing Skin, Naturally! :)

Styles and Sensibilities

My grandmother and my mother are experts when it comes to natural skin care techniques. It’s because of their persuation and continuous insistance that I had started using all the face masks they used to conjure up.
Honestly, I was surprised at the results and started making and using them on my own. Ever since I had stopped regular schooling, I was able to put healthy food in my stomach and it improved my mental and physical self. Both of my mothers now say, “I told you so!”
Getting a glowing skin certainly isn’t easy and it takes a considerable amount of time. Nowadays, with the busy schedule and work it is impossible for most. We all want quick results and that is where concealers and foundations come in. But when you come home and remove all the make-up, don’t you want to see healthy skin underneath?
What you put…

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Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs For $3? : Hello Or Heck No


Hey Voguettes! Today I am going to do a Hello Or Heck No on Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. I was so happy to find this on clearance in Target the other day because I have been eyeing this product for a while! Enjoy!

Price: $3.53              From: Target


Before                                                                     After


I am so extremely happy with this product! It claimed it was water resistant, and it really is! I also found it was sweat resistant! 🙂 The product also is really easy to apply quickly, without getting streaky. It also does not take too much product, so I have a feeling my will last a while. Overall, I am so impressed…

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I love my readers!


Screenshot (46)
You guys, this is INSANE.
Thank you to all my readers for taking the time and reading my blog. Even when I rant about mindless topics or write poetry about the ones I really care about, y’all are always there for me. I woke up to these stats and I cannot tell you how happy it makes me. Love y’all to the moon and back 🙂
Here’s a poem for y’all
The sun was a yellow ball
Glowering over the flowers so blue
The ground was a green carpet
Nestled beneath it lay colorless dew
I walked the path of magic
And it led me on to you
Now you may think I’m bluffing out of madness
But trust me lovelies,
All of this is true.

Aaaaah cheesy much 🙂

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Why Queer Representation is Actually Important

It comes as no surprise that the LGBTQ community is seldom portrayed in the media, and even when there is representation it is often negative or inaccurate. Heterosexuality is portrayed as the norm, the default. I can watch any show or movie and there are definitely heterosexual characters. In fact, they’re everywhere. But I have to look very hard to find a LGBT character, and such a character is often a flamboyant, white gay man who is treated as more of a source of amusement than as a prominent, meaningful character. If I want to watch a movie with any gay people in it, I often have to sift through the “Gay and Lesbian” category on Netflix, as if these movies can only be identified by the sexuality of the characters and not the more common genres of comedy, drama, and action.

I grew up immersed in this culture, just…

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Double Toned Milk offers better nutrition than Toned/Full Cream Milk

Your Well Wisher Program

Double Toned VS Full Cream, Double Toned has
– Almost 1/2 energy level (it is good)
– 1/4 Fat
– Same level of Carbohydrate, Protein, Calcium
– 30% less price

Double Toned VS Toned Milk, Double Toned has
– Almost 1/4 energy level (it is good)
– 1/2 Fat
– higher level of carbohydrate, Protein, Calcium
– 10% less price

Nutritional Info and price for two brands Amul and Mother Diary (India’s leading milk brands) given below:

Full Cream86.4653.110848
Toned Milk57.834.7310238
Double Toned Milk45.91.553.110834


Mother Dairy
Full Cream896.253.313448
Toned Milk593.14.73.112738
Double Toned Milk471.553.313434

Data collected from Packets. 


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