Photo 5/Story 5 – The Future: Writing That Is

The Main Focus

Divorce With Me nominated me for the Five Photos/Five Stories Challenge. Wrapping up these five days has been wonderful. I have had fun and had a blast! I hope you got to visit my blog and sneak a peak in my world.

My last photo/story is about my future writing. Dabbling in poetry a little bit, I’m planning to get a book of poems together to have published in the future, entitled “Gentle Rain of Thoughts.” I have written over 30 poems and will continue.

Most people have significant losses in life. I have had my share of them but I am stronger for it, which reflects in my writing. My writing reflects not only my strength, but my pain inside. Healing, growth and closure are a result of my works.

Again, working on my latest book, Wounded Heart In Flight. Some of my poems are featured…

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