Switching in the Power Plant Substation Switchyard

Power Plant Men

Originally posted on February 9, 2013:

The phone rang Saturday morning on March 17, 1984. Since we didn’t have caller ID at that time, I had to pick up the phone to tell who was on the other end. It was my foreman Charles Foster. He said he needed to go out to the plant to do some switching in the substation and he needed someone to help him. I had been an electrician for all of 5 months and this was the first time I had been involved with switching in the substation.

When I arrived at the plant 30 minutes later, the operators in the control room were busy putting Unit 1 online. Charles Foster had brought along his son Tim Foster. Tim was about 10 years old at the time. The operators didn’t have any certified switchmen available, and so the Shift Supervisor, Jim Padgett gave the…

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Photo 5/Story 5 – The Future: Writing That Is

The Main Focus

Divorce With Me nominated me for the Five Photos/Five Stories Challenge. Wrapping up these five days has been wonderful. I have had fun and had a blast! I hope you got to visit my blog and sneak a peak in my world.

My last photo/story is about my future writing. Dabbling in poetry a little bit, I’m planning to get a book of poems together to have published in the future, entitled “Gentle Rain of Thoughts.” I have written over 30 poems and will continue.

Most people have significant losses in life. I have had my share of them but I am stronger for it, which reflects in my writing. My writing reflects not only my strength, but my pain inside. Healing, growth and closure are a result of my works.

Again, working on my latest book, Wounded Heart In Flight. Some of my poems are featured…

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Whatever comes from you is pleasing to me, Whether you make me cry or laugh, Whether you make me live or die…/…Hoştur bana senden gelen. İster ağlat, ister güldür, İster yaşat, ister öldür…




A year is valued by a student who fails his class.
A month by a woman who gives premature birth,
A week by an editor of a weekly magazine,
A day by a soldier waiting to be discharged,
An hour by anybody who is about to see of a lover from a railway platform.
A minute is valued by anyone who misses a plane,
A second by anyone who is rescued from death at the last moment,
A split second by anyone who wins a silver medal.
Bir senenin kıymetini sınıfta kalan bilir.
Bir ayın kıymetini erken doğuran kadın,
Bir haftanın kıymetini dergi çıkartan,
Bir günün kıymetini teskere bekleyen asker,
Bir saatin kıymetini sevgilisini uğurlamak üzere peronda oturan bilir.
Bir dakikanın kıymetini uçağını kaçıran,
Bir saniyenin kıymetini ölümden son anda kurtulan,
Bir salisenin kıymetini gümüş madalya alan bilir.


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Everything Old is New Again: A Review of It Follows

Micki Allen


Drop this enigmatic little thriller in any 70s or 80s creepfest and not only will its score feel right at home, but the budget and the story-line are likely to as well. The genius of It Follows is in David Robert Mitchell’s ability to take every (and I do mean every) horror cliche taught in the proverbial Scary Movies 101 class and amplify them with enough pure dread that completing this film is akin to taking a master’s class at the University of Psychological Thrillers.

Where the hell did this young pup (Mitchell) come from anyway? And, why have I never heard of him before? He obviously digested ample late-night horror shows as a kid because his knack for cloak-and-dagger paced suspense is remarkable. This is one talented writer/director, Folks. I suspect he is what you’d get if you magically mated John Carpenter and John Hughes. Carpenter for obvious…

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