5 cents deposit for ♻️


Every bottle and can you buy there is a 5 cents deposit.  This is a wonderful ideal for the environment but hell for the consumer.

If you are not the frugal individual it is good to chuck the bottle and can into the recycling bin and put on the curb once a week and the town picks it up.

During the morning of the recycle pick up you see scavengers going through your box with gloves and big carry-alls picking out the 5 cents return bottles and cans.


I can be walking through a busy street and you see this Scavanger picking through the canister of public garbage full of coffee cups, half eaten sandwiches and newspapers.

Great,  an enterprising individual has implemented a way of making money out of the individuals that toss on the go. This tossing habit is from the uncaring human towards the environment.

I, will…

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