What Is Your Dominant Desire?

The Main Focus

A fun activity that takes about two minutes or less. http://games.xfinity.com/quizzes-games?game=elizabethmiller10/what-is-your-dominant-desire-based-on-what-you-see

Mine is hope. “While the cynical souls of the world may see your bright optimism as a youthful naivete, you have come to understand that it is the hope of a better tomorrow that burns within you. You are passionate and idealistic. You understand that there is so much potential surrounding us, and we have only to tap into it in order to achieve great things. When others are burdened by the troubles of every day life, you transcend them and consider the beauty that the future brings. Your bright disposition infects everyone around you, as they too learn how to dream. As long as hope is alive within you, you will always be the very best that you can be!”

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The Pursuit

Dreamspinner Extraordinaire

You have heard it all
Hearts singing in joy
Souls fluttering like wings
Anguished cry of a boy
Soft lullabies of spring

You have seen it all
Spirits breaking apart
Hopes dashed to the ground
Love thriving from the start
Greed that knows no bound

You have sampled it all
A taste of salty air
A drop of morning dew
Eternity in a pear
Poisoned apple you chew

And who would have thought
that through it all
the things you have sought,
either big or small,
only heaven can forge.

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~Weekly Product Highlight~ Borghese Fango Active Mud For Face and Body ~

Looking Joli Good

Borghese Fango Active Mud For Face and Body

Fango Active Mud for Face and Body | lookingjoligood.wordpress.comSometimes your skin just needs a little extra pampering and this Borghese Fango Active Mud For Face and Body mud mask is just the perfect product! It feels so good going on the face. As I apply it I can instantly feel it cooling and tingling on my skin.  After I use this mask my skin always feels extra hydrated, super soft and looks brighter! I also love the smooth texture of the mud as well as the fresh clean smell.  I highly recommend this mask.

While this mud mask is definitely not a bargain at $72.50 for a 17.6 oz/500gm, it is definitely worth every cent!  A little bit goes a long way .  This product is not only amazing, but it also lasts a long time.  It comes in a beautiful glass jar with a sponge to help with the removal…

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Beauty Pamper Day! ♡

Styles and Sensibilities

As the week ends and weekend comes, I can’t help but think about soaking my feet in a warm tub of water, massaging my head with hot oil, take a nice long shower and just listen to my favourite music while painting my nails.(^///^) Yep, I can’t wait for a beauty pamper day. So this sunday after I woke up really late, I was determined to just spend my day pampering myself. I think everybody should pamper themselves atleast once a week.
So I just started off by making myself a nice, hot cup of green tea and gently massaged my forehead with my knuckles. It so comforting and it relaxes your tense muscles and lets them take a breath. After breakfast, which usually consists of sweet fruits and berries, I then make myself a face mask using ground rice, egg white, tumeric and a generous squeeze of lemon. (I…

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Micki Allen

Team Beauty’s Top 10 Tips for Using Social Media to
Promote Online Sales


  • Avon provides, free of charge, all the tools you need to use on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and by email. If you aren’t already using these tools, I strongly encourage you to set up all of these accounts today!
  • Always get a phone number and email address from every (potential) customer. This way, your Social Media pages will be more likely to pick up the contacts in your phone or email address book. The more you have, the better!
  • Go to your Web Office and add everyone you have an email address or phone number for to your Customers List in your Web Office. You may want to categorize them by Media Groups (one for everyone on Facebook; one for every person on Twitter; etc.) or, like me, toss them ALL into one group so…

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