Bingeable // Mean Girls.

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But… Mean Girls isn’t a TV show. You all can’t binge this…

knowwww. Please excuse this lack luster Bingeable as I party away my birthday today.

While I didn’t schedule enough time to ramble about a series this morning, I will still give you a great recommendation for this weekend.

Watch Mean Girls! If you are one of the few people on earth who have not yet had the joy of watching this movie: go watch it.
If you are a normal person who has seen this movie more than once before: watch it again!

Mean Girls is the only movie I have seen at least a dozen times. So I guess in a sense, you can binge this movie!
Honestly though, I’ll probably even be watching it tomorrow night for the fifteenth time. It is that funny and that good.

Thank you for you patience this week and…

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