Anastasia Beverly Hills -Illuminators


Hi Everyone! I received the ABH Illuminators in the mail this evening and couldn’t help but attack these pretties like paparazzi! Took so many snaps because they are gorgeous! This won’t be too much of an informative post in sense of wear power or swatches.

These beauties came from Macy’s and truth be told, I cringed when I saw this in a bubble wrapped package instead of a box. I’m relieved they didn’t break as the product boxes were pretty dented. Anywho – each Illuminator retails for $28 (free shipping for orders greater than $50 on Macy’s online).

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure. I will keep you updated on how these products perform.


Have a great night from LA🌴

Much love, Gigi


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SoCS – The Light in His Eyes

Linda G. Hill

It wasn’t that Melissa didn’t like Teddy. It was the light in his eyes when he looked at her that she couldn’t abide. Half the time it made her feel as though she might be stuck with a man who followed her around like a pesky dog for the rest of her breathing days, and the other half of the time his glint-gaze gave her the creeps. She was afraid if she gave in and decided to sleep with him (finally) she might never wake up.

The one time she tried to end it it had been raining. She stood at the precipice of a puddle and he stood in it. She couldn’t help but wonder if his shoes were filled with water. How could she break up with a man with wet feet? Melissa may have been many things, but heartless wasn’t one of them.

So she decided to…

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Too Faced Eye Shadow Review + Swatches

Online Beauty Finds

Too Faced Eye Shadow Neptune

Too Faced Eye Shadow Neptune

Hello everyone!

Is there such a thing as a triple chrome eye shadow? Because I may have found one close to it. This is such a pretty color especially for the summer, you can line your bottom lash line with this, add it to your inner corner for a pop of blue, or do a nice smokey eye with this in the center of the lid for a night out. I found this on eBay quite a while ago and when I received it I was pleasantly surprised, it is much nicer in person; the swatches don’t do it justice. This is one of the few shades of blue I wear on my eyes.

Too Faced Eye Shadow Neptune

Too Faced Eye Shadow Neptune

This eye shadow slightly changes in color as you move; it turns from a light blue to a teal to a green. It is definitely unique in my collection. Unfortunately, I could not get a picture…

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Blog Stalking // Yoga Girl.

Ordinary Adventures

Hey there, readers –

This is less of a blog stalking and more of a life inspiration. Every blog that has been reviewed in this series has been encouragement for change of either my own site, my own health and goals, or my own life. Each has pushed and motivated me to get better in some way. And this segment is no different.

Rachel Brathen aka Yoga Girl is one of the most amazing, truly beautiful people inside and out, that I have ever come across.

I first found her last spring on Instagram. I was intrigued by her photos, talent, and athleticism. Not long after I first started stalking her, tragedy struck her life. Her best friend died in a horrible accident, she had major emergency surgery, her grandmother died, and then her dog passed. Mixed in those tragic few months, she also got married, and grew her business, finished the…

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