What’s in my… Handbag?



My bag was a Christmas gift from my fiance. It’s just a small cross body by Michael Kors. I absolutely love it, it’s a great accent for a mostly black wardrobe and is great for all seasons. I keep my bag much cleaner now that I have less space.

I always carry Éclair by NYX


Black Frame Ray Ban sunglasses I stole from my fiance

Extra gum peppermint is my favorite

My cellphone

More often than not sweets, muffins from the coffee shop near my work, snickers, rice krispies. I am often motivated by my belly.

ROLLERLASH. Ladies just get it. Go to Ulta and spend the same amount you would for two trips to Starbucks to have perfect lashes. It’s by Benefit it is perfect for layering coats for a more dramatic look or a quick swipe when you hurrying to clock on. Just trust me.


Thinkthin bars. My…

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Angelart Star

Featured ImageSunset of the late autumn, my mind is sunk in deep sorrow,
I think of my beloved kitten which went to heaven for a disease,

The lostness by the death brings unbearable pain and emptiness,
The last dead leaves of the forest dying like my mind,

My friend says that your kitten lives happily somewhere in the sky,
But I remember that small soft and fluffy cat all day with regret,
Are you really happy now? can you see me? I mutter and cry while walking alone,

Suddenly, a strange child appeared from the shade of the tree,
The child walks along with me in silence, the honey-colored eyes shine well,

Then mysteriously, the feeling of the child reached me, I heard it by my soul,
“Don’t cry, love is never lost, I join the soul together and continue growing with you,”

The child smiled at the exit of the…

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My Everyday iPhone Apps.

Ordinary Adventures

My phone is my BFF. It never leaves my side, always keeps me entertained, rocks out with me, keeps me in the loop, and makes me always primped and ready! It wakes me up, keeps me on schedule and connected. I don’t know what I’d do without it.

Although, there are some parts of my iPhone I love and use way more often than the rest. In fact, every morning, I stretch, open my eyes, and swipe my iPhone open and start my morning routine. Instead of popping out of bed, I allow myself to go through my little online ritual as I let the rest of me wake up.

Here are my most used, most loved, checked every morning, multiple times a day, apps.

Ever since I started Ordinary Adventures, this very quickly became my most used app. Every like, comment, and follow gives me a notification…

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The Falling Thoughts

Solo quería decirte

que quiero estar a tu lado…

Y despertarte cada mañana

con un beso apasionado…

Quiero traerte flores…

Quiero escuchar en silencio

los latidos de tu corazón …

Quiero amanecer contigo

acariciandote con pasión …

Quiero compartir mis sueños…

Quiero darte felicidad…

Quiero sacar tus tristezas

amándote hasta la eternidad…

y hacer de ti mi princesa

aqui y en el mas allá…

Quiero alegrarte el día

porque eres mi sueño y mi fantasía…

Solo me queda decirte

que no quiero cielo,sol ni calor…

Si no tengo la presencia de tu amor!


© 2015 thefallingthoughts All Rights Reserved

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Case of the Monday Blues

Admirably Legal

Anyone else suffering a little case of the Mondayblues?!? I am convinced the weekends are getting shorter and shorter, and it appears that my Monday blues are getting the better of me quite literally.

Monday Blues

Well, I’m here to help permanently change your thoughts on feeling blue.  The color blue is said to reflect stability and intelligence, so instead of yearning for Friday, I’m going to put my best foot forward. It’s always a bit easier to do in Valentino.


Bag, Anya Hindmarch: So many of you have asked about my bag, which I literally tote around everywhere (pun intended).  This comes from one of my favorite British handbag designers, Anya Hindmarch.  I will be showcasing some of my favorite Anya pieces in an upcoming post, and if you’re not already obsessed with her, I assure you that you will soon become obsessed.  Apologies in advance!

Topper, Classiques Entier: This is…

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Dollar Tree Haul 💰

Not Another Beauty Blog

So, if you haven’t heard the new craze, it’s dollar stores. They have some amazing stuff for the price of $1. Same stuff you’d find at a Walmart, it’s like a mini Walmart. They carry some dollar tree brands and other higher end brands. This is a combined haul from 2 or 3 different trips. Sometimes you find one or two good items and other times you hit the jackpot! I hit the jackpot!

Yes, Mortimer, please get in every photo! He is so curious! My entire lot contained the following:

Shamrock Scarf
2 LA Colors Chunky Lip Pencils
Shades: Coral Fun + Nearly Nude
2 Maybelline Colorshow Nail Polishes
Drops of Jade + Bare Escape
2 Milani Baked Eye Shadow
Beach Sand (favorite)
2 Revlon Expressionists Nail Art
Silhouette + Post Modern
2 LA Colors Art Deco Nail Art
24K Glitter + Pink
LA Colors Nail Polish in Red

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I’m Going to be on TV!




Just a quick note letting you all know that I’m going to be on Come Dine With Me tomorrow (1st September) at 5pm UK time. I’m a giddy/nervous/excited wreck and it’s a shame only United Kingdom residents can view it!

Come Dine With Me is a cooking competition. 4 or 5 hosts take it in turn to host a dinner party which is all filmed (brutality and all) and after scoring one person wins £1,000!

If you do decide to watch it, I hope you enjoy it – please no judging. 

I must be mad!

I will receive a DVD copy of the show so if it’s not too embarrassing, I may upload it to my YouTube channel!


youtube . twitter . instagram . bloglovin’

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Tupelo Press 30/30 Project (August 2015): Why I’m Writing 30 Poems in 30 Days, or, Poetry Needs You!

O at the Edges


Tupelo Press 30/30 Project (August 2015): Why I’m Writing 30 Poems in 30 Days, or, Poetry Needs You!

Dear Friends,

Tupelo Press, one of our very best independent presses, could use our help. Like many nonprofits, Tupelo depends upon donations to augment their programs, which vary from a Teen Writing Center to publishing literary works of emerging and established writers. To this end they’ve instituted innovative fundraising approaches to achieve their goals, including the 30/30 Project, one of their most exhilarating and interactive efforts – every month, approximately eight poets pledge to write 30 poems in 30 days, and raise funds by soliciting donations from sponsors (as many nonprofits do via sponsored walks, runs or rides). In August I am one of the participating poets.

I invite you to join me in this project and help out by reading, commenting, heckling, encouraging, insulting, cajoling, praising and yes, if circumstances allow…

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Hi all! Here are some quick lip swatches of MAC’s Vamplify lip glosses.

Each tube retails for $20 and arelimited edition.They glide on quite nicely – sticky at first but not on the lips. Extremely pigmented and finishes as a shine.

Here are my picks from this collection:

shade ‘how chic is this’ shade ‘a for attitude’ – this reminds me of MACs lip glass in Pink Poodle shade ‘anything but demure’ shade ‘speed up’

Have a great weekend, BB’s!

Much love, Gi


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