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I have been a makeup Instagrammer for a little less than two years. As time lapsed and obsessions grew – I knew that I needed the right tools to apply my makeup. If you have followed me on Instagram when I had little to no followers, you have probably watched my makeup brush collection grow.

I do not have great skin. So I started with skin care when I noticed my problematic areas: dry spots, large pores around my nose, blackheads, acne scars. Before using liquid foundation I used Max Factor Pancake water activated foundation. It was later discontinued in the early 2000’s (2002?) and I had to resort to Amazon to purchase. It retailed for $8-9 dollars (drugstore) and began to sell on on EBay and Amazon for $19. Last time I checked it was going for $30! I told myself I had to move on with the times…

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Ordinary Adventures

As Ordinary Adventures continues to blossom, I find myself trying out new ideas, post styles, and branching out category wise. Every day when I finally click “Publish” my mind races to how it will be accepted and taken.

I finally figured that I’d cut out the guessing and worrying and go straight to the source. What do you guys want to see and read? What do you guys want to learn or share when you click on my site? Want do you want more of?

You can chose more than one option, and read more about each choice below, and of course leave comments and ideas at the bottom!

Do you want more personal stories and for me to share journal like articles as I go on this adventure? It is so therapeutic and wonderful to open my heart and write it all out. I also love digging deeper into…

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Selfie Nation

The Falling Thoughts

Window shopping in a branded store

Closet is full but still need some more

Waxing, manicure and pedicure

Hight heels, spas, feet are sore

Stomach is full but eyes need more 

Talking like a nun, actions are hardcore  

Thoughts are flying, heart is kissing the floor 

Body all grown up, soul needs to be mature

Mini skirts and bare skin

Nothing left to explore  

Body, booty and selfie shots 

Eye lashes, nails nothing pure

Empty life need some likes  

Soul is dying but there is no cure

Catching sharks with fancy lure 

You will regret, what you now ignore 


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