An Aussie and a Swiss walk into a Vietnamese bar.


Though the title of this post may echo a crude joke you would expect to hear in a Coventry pub, it really isn’t. Trying my best to avoid being too mushy, it’s actually the way I met Her in the heartbreakingly romantic town of Hoi An, Vietnam and was swept away by an incredibly refreshing outlook on life. Fast forward past numerous arguments, cross continent Skype calls, farfetched dreams and finally, pragmatic schemes, to where I find myself here: having quit my desk job, endlessly travelling, planting vegetable gardens, and eating. Okay, I admit I may be more focussed on eating (hence my new found passion for vegetable gardens).

Regardless of my weight gain (all’s well in the noble pursuit of happiness) I hope to use this photo blog to chronicle my journey and capture the banter in between, share some life lessons, and document some of my most cherished memories that I can look back upon decades in the future and say, in the…

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Backpacking on a Budget in South Africa


My goodness it has been far too long since I last posted! Work has been absolutely insanely busy and I have been busy making plans for some future travels! This will be my last post about my time in South Africa (until the next visit) and in a few short weeks I will be en route to Iceland, Greenland and Scotland. So without further ado, here is how much to budget for a backpacking trip through South Africa.

One of my favourite parts about my time in SA was how incredibly affordable everything was. Here we will be doing the sums and working out how much a backpacker should budget for each day – please note that all amounts featured are in Australian dollars.

Firstly, I am leaving the cost of flights out of the equation as this will differ greatly depending on where you are flying from! However, I…

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Clownfish Close-Up

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Finding Nemo Quote

Finding Nemo is my favorite all the time movie, plus, I love clownfish. I took tens of clownfish images during my scuba diving :D. So, on my third submission for the 3 Day, 3 Quotes Challenge as invited by Life of Mon, I share Dory’s wisdom together with a clownfish image that I took in Raja Ampat (Indonesia).

Gladly I share the close-up image of the clownfish to the Daily Post Close up Challenge. Have a great weekend!

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