Six Unknown Facts About The Grand Canyon

Always Departing


As a kid I had always imagined The Grand Canyon as the backdrop of an old John Wayne movie. When I finally got the chance to experience it in person a couple summers ago, it blew all expectations out of the water. There are a few sights you will/should see in your life that you literally can not look away from and The Grand Canyon is one of them. Standing on the edge of such an awe-inspiring, natural phenomenon, you can literally and spiritually feel a gravitational attraction. Its a feeling that no drug or man made substance can reproduce. I can’t help be imagine what the first settlers who stumbled across this epic hole in the ground must have thought.

I have compiled a list of six facts about The Grand Canyon that I find pretty interesting.


1. The Grand Canyon is not the deepest canyon in the world.

Clocking in around 7800…

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