The Pulse of Tokyo

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In 1890, Japan’s population was over 50 million. In 2014, its population was over 127 million, making Japan as the 11th most populated country in the world. The Greater Tokyo metropolitan area, which is also called Japan’s National Capital Region, has a population of 37.8 million and is the world’s most populated metropolis.

Tokyo, which was called Edo in the 17th century, was the first city in Asia, had a population of over one million. By 1956, its population was 8 million and by the end of 2014, it was over 13.2 million. It is the largest city in Japan with a total land area of 837 sq. miles with 23 different smaller cities known as wards, which are segmented into districts.

The huge crowd, soaring skyscrapers, glaring neons, shops, bars, restaurants, and giant malls will overwhelm your senses! There’s a burst of sensation in this huge urban…

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