My summer at the Press: a bookworm’s tale

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Guest post by Yasmine Kaminsky

Growing up in a suburb, summer meant two things to me: ice cream and books. If I was lucky, the two came hand in hand. Most afternoons, my brother and I, snow cone devotees, strained our ears to be the first to hear “The Entertainer” play from the ice cream truck’s speakers. The best afternoons, though, were the ones when our library’s massive bookmobile wound its way along our neighborhood’s streets.

YasmineI would run full-speed toward the bookmobile and wave my library card in the air for entry. It was with both sheepishness and awe that I gazed at the colossal, nearly bursting shelves inside. Bright and heavy with beautiful hardcovers turned soft through re-readings, the shelves were full of stories: glass slippers and curious monkeys and French schoolgirls walking in two straight lines and a talking Pooh Bear, too. Our librarian was always ready…

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My apologies…

Momentary Lapse Of Sanity

Well I have had much trouble with my internet connection the last couple weeks.  As of late I haven’t been able to log on to do anything for more than two minutes at a time let alone try to work on any blog material.  God willing the internet wants to play correctly we will be back to blogging on a regular basis.  New router, range extender installed.  We live in the boonies so I have no choices of internet providers except one and the satellite internet.  So with all that being said I think I have a smooth connection again.  I lost a lot of my work due to resetting back to factory settings, ah well what you going to do but start over again 😉

Hope everyone is well!

Sending love to all those who love me.

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Manuscript is finished!

The Main Focus

The manuscript on my newest novel, Wounded Heart In Flight, is ready to go to the publishers. Today, I received the final sketching from the preliminary sketching from the artist. It will be placed in the interior of the book. Yesterday, I signed a written contract with the publishers. I am really pleased and happy, but excited at the same time to get production going fully. Thia has been several months coming. Patience is a virtue, which I admit I need more of these days. The sketch is by artist and painter, Dannie Hovanec. She is quite talented and does very good work. Dannie is in Colorado this summer and I live in Georgia, so everything is done electronically or by email. @Copyrights – Anne R. MurrayScan 2

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She Said “Oui”


It’s been a long time since I’ve done something truly new and foreign. Something that makes me feel like a 12 year old boy all over again. Like trying to work up the courage to kiss a girl for the first time or some other innocent little deed like that. But while the sky began to darken and take on different hues of deep blue and red on the last night of our stay in Rome I worked up the courage to try something new. I asked the girl I love to marry me. And, well, she said yes.

This had been in the works for some time now. Almost for as long as we’d been planing on going to Italy. It started with finding the perfect ring, which is actually harder than one might think as the realness of eternity lies heavy on that decision. For if you believe in…

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The One Buck Labyrinth

Irina Logra

This place is so weird. I would not be surprised to meet a rabbit with a hat, flying on a magic rug offering everyone the choice of two pills: a red one and a blue one . Books are everywhere. They fly out from the shelf to greet guests. They lay on tables, rest on couches, twist whimsically up to the ceiling. An endless labyrinth of shelves sprawls across 20 000 square feet, harboring  innumerable amounts of stories, facts, thoughts and theories. In the heart of downtown Los Angeles the portal to parallel worlds, The Last Bookstore, exists.

The Last Bookstore. Photographer Irina Vasilevitskaya

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