Height Comparison Charts

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Are you tall enough to fill the outfit of your favorite fiction characters? Time to find out with these height comparison charts:

Nintendo Character Height Chart Nintendo Character Height Chart

If you fall short of your ideal character mark; don’t fear – there are a lot of cool short heroes 🙂 we love Hobbits and Rocket Raccoon.

Marvel Heroes Height Chart Marvel Heroes Height Chart

Do we really shrink over time? Well; if that is the case then i guess you will be morphing into a different (height) set of fictional characters as you age.

Game of Thrones Height Chart Game of Thrones Height Chart

This is why fiction is better than reality – what kind of man power would it take to build Barad-dur (the Eye of Sauron) in real life:

Mordor Mordor

I’m 175cm (5 foot 7) so im Sansa Stark; Charizard; Black Widow and Little Mac. Who are you based on the height comparison charts?

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